Tanishq’s Latest Rifa Collection With The 8-Pointed Star Is Bound To Fetch You Compliments!

Tanishq Rifa
by Anupriya Mishra

An outfit no matter how glamorous is always incomplete without the right choice of jewellery. It could be anything, a necklace or even a minimalistic pair of earrings, but it all boils down to the fact that a complementing piece has the power to run heads in appreciation. And the good folks at Tanishq have got you covered with their dazzling new collection – Rifa. Inspired by the region’s discerning audience who covet timeless elegance, here’s all you need to know about the artsy pieces in this collection.

Tanishq Launches Newest Rifa Collection

Tanishq Rifa

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The newest collection by Tanishq, Rifa, celebrates the beauty and heritage of the Middle East with the eight-pointed star. It’s no secret that this is a symbol of faith, courage, harmony and balance that dates back to ancient times. Representing a powerful symbol of protection and guidance, it has been crafted in different designs. Yes, from bracelets studded with 8-pointed star-shaped diamonds to commemorate a milestone and a celestial-inspired stunning ring to a pendant symbolising the virtues that define the wearer and even a pair of stellar-themed earrings to represent love, their exquisite designs will leave you truly spoilt for choice.

The Collection Features Eight-Pointed Star


Pic credits: Internal

Talking about the collection, Beate Steinfeld, Trend & Design Head at Tanishq International,  said, “For #GiftOfRifa we got inspired by the motif of the eight-point star, which is used abundantly in the region’s abstract art and architecture. It’s a personal amulet that reminds you of your loved ones in your journey of life.” And this will hold true for every wearer of the Rifa collection! As they won’t just perfectly complement the outfit but also have sentimental value. In fact, this brand recently opened new boutiques in the United Arab Emirates at Dubai Silicon
Oasis and Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi.

These finely crafted jewellery pieces will pair perfectly with both ethnic and western wear, fetching you compliments from peers. As the new collection is now, available across all the Tanishq boutiques in the UAE, we’d recommend you grab them up ASAP. After all, wouldn’t you want to be a trendsetter?

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