Tawang Monastery: Everything To Know About Asia’s Second Largest Monastery

by Yogita Chainani
Tawang Monastery: Everything To Know About Asia’s Second Largest Monastery

When it comes to India- our country has some of the most beautiful places in the world. And if you are planning to travel to an offbeat India, then Arunachal Pradesh in the Northeast should be on your list. Known for its lakes, hikes, monasteries, and scenic views, Arunachal has something for everyone. And while you plan a trip there, don’t forget to check out Asia’s second-largest Monastery- Tawang Monastery. Located in the capital town of Tawang, here’s everything you need to know about it.

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How To Reach Tawang Monastry?

Tawang Monastery is located in Tawang, and you can easily reach this Monastery from Dirang and Bomdilla. The Monastery is centrally located from Old Tawang Market, making it easily accessible for everyone. If you enjoy walking, you can walk to Tawang Monastery- the walk is super scenic; alternatively, you can also hire a cab.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tawang Monastry?

If you want to experience the vibe of the Monastery, I will suggest that you visit the Monastery at 5 AM for the first prayer. The chants and the little monks playing mischievously with each other will make your day. You can also enjoy the sunrise from the monastery while sipping some butter tea. However, if mornings aren’t doable for you, you can visit this Monastery throughout the year daily till 5 PM.

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Entry Charges And Other Things

Entry to the Monastery is free- however, if you want to donate something, you can always do that. And while the entry is free, ensure that you don’t make noise or litter by any means.

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Other Details To Know

Tawang Monastery houses more than 500 monks with monks as old as 4-years old. In the old days, this Monastery was also the administrative centre for all the world. When you observe the structure, you’ll get to see that it’s built like a huge mansion and has a large assembly hall, ten other functional structures, and 65 residential quarters for students, Lamas, and monks. Being India’s Largest Monastery and offering a picturesque view of the Tawang – Chu valley, you cannot miss out on this place in Tawang.