Team CT Reviews Jio Mart Products As A Part Of Women’s Day Celebration

by Mallika Khurana
Team CT Reviews Jio Mart Products As A Part Of Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s day is a special day when all the world comes together to celebrate a big part of the world population as a whole. Women’s contributions have been invaluable but often undervalued and under-celebrated in our society and continue to be so. Women are nothing short of wonders who can actually do whatever they put their minds and hearts to. This year, the Curly Tales team decided to make it a little more special and put in their bit to empower women entrepreneurs and their small businesses. Team CT sampled quite a few products from the JioMart app created by female entrepreneurs.

Check out the video to know all about it!

Curly Tales Reviewed Jio Mart Products

Clearly, their time reviewing and trying on the products was a blast. From tasting delectable treats to eco-friendly water bottles, they came across some really good products.

JioMart was more than pleased to join us on this little initiative to promote female entrepreneurs by presenting their goods on our platform in honour of International Women’s Day. Jio Mart is a one-stop shop that brings at home all that you could ever need, and that too, with little effort on your part.

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Here’s All That They Loved

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The first product that they reviewed was from Binny’s wardrobe. Offering all things handcrafted, their products take between 20 to 30 hours to make. Our team tried on some earrings and chokers from this brand and we could see how amazing they looked. Perfectly versatile and sturdy, this brand was impressive.

The next stop for reviewing was food! The team tasted a few delectable Indian sweets from Sweet Touch by Landmark. Safe to say, all that they tried was perfect in taste. From Karachi Halwa to Mysore Pak, it was truly delicious and got nominated as the new soan papadi for Diwali this year.

Last but not least, the team reviewed a steel water bottle from a brand named Steeple on Jio Mart. This brand has steel at its core. They offer steel utensils, cookware, and more. The stainless steel water bottle that they reviewed was extremely lightweight and most importantly, it is sustainable.

We were truly amazed by all these products and surely, you were too! So check them out at Jio Mart today.

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