Techies And Foodies Are Fascinated To See Bengaluru’s Idli Vending Machine

by Dikshita
Techies And Foodies Are Fascinated To See Bengaluru’s Idli Vending Machine

The pandemic has necessitated the need for a contactless world, but for an immensely populated and cultured nation like India, this did not seem possible. The innovative minds have, however, made the saying ‘it only happens in India’ true. They have surpassed the mere innovation of robot waiters in restaurants, self-order kiosks which is also present in McCafes and the unthinkable.  You might have only bought packed snacks from a vending machine at the airport. But this food-savvy engineer from Bengaluru has made it possible to vend piping hot fresh idlis from a machine and not an idli maker.

Is This An Idli Vending Machine Or An ATM?

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The innovator, Hiremath, said that the idea struck him back in 2016 when his daughter was sick. It was nighttime and he wanted to feed her warm idlis for dinner but couldn’t find anywhere. This gave him the solution to the problem. He realised that food is a necessity and should be available 24*7. 

The innovation came into the limelight when a tweet went viral on Twitter where one can see a woman buying idlis from the vending machine. B Padmanaban, who posted the video, calls it an ‘Idli ATM machine’! The clip has gained thousands of views and opinions too. 

He explains in the video the process to buy idlis from the machine.  The order can be placed by scanning the application code and paying online. You can choose from idlis, vada, and even podi on the vending machine’s menu. In just a few minutes, you’ll get your order packed in recyclable packaging and served with sambhar and chutney from another small machine beside it.

Besides the idli vending machine, the golgappa vending machine was also invented as a by-product of the pandemic era.

Not Just It, Bengaluru’s Food Inventions Are The Savviest

Forget customised merchandise, how about a customised samosa? Yes, this is real and it has been invented in the IT hub of India– Bengaluru! This eatery in Bengaluru gives the guests samosas with the filling of samosa stamped on them. With fifty different kinds of fillings of samosas that have been introduced, it becomes quite difficult at times to spot the correct ordered samosa. And to eradicate this confusion, the eatery came up with the idea of stamping the actual order on samosas. That’s just so cool.

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In a tweet uploaded by user @shobhitic, he introduced people to stamped samosas through which one can recognise the filling. In the tweet, he wrote, “the real food “tech” innovation in Bangalore” and shared two images of these stamped samosas.

Aren’t you just amazed by India’s creativity and potential? 

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia commons, Twitter/B Padmanaban