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Tejasswi Prakash
by Ananya Singh

Bubbly and beautiful, Tejasswi Prakash is one actress who has beauty with brains. The Naagin 6 actress is known for being candid and adventurous, and what we love most is, she is a foodie! In a Curly Tales Tere Gully Mein episode, Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-chief, experiences some of Tejasswi Prakash’s favourite food joints in Mumbai! Scroll to read more about this exciting conversation on a Victoria ride followed by LOTS of food!

Tejasswi Prakash Likes It “Cheesy”

There’s nothing more tempting than a big tray of gooey cheese pizza when you’re hungry. With options like paneer pizza on Bachelorr’s, who would want anything more? Tejasswi Prakash talks about her favourite food and places in Mumbai. Tejasswi didn’t follow any particular diet and was never a “diet person.” However, she strongly feels that working so hard in life is pointless if you can’t enjoy the food you want. 

Tejasswi Prakash is a big fan of small hole-in-the-wall cafes, which South Bombay is really good at. So the first place duo went to was Bachelorr’s, a vegetarian eatery famous for its sandwiches and shakes. But do you know what Tejasswi’s favourite is? It is cheese-loaded paneer pizza. She came to Bachelorr’s after two years and had a major FOMO if new dishes were added. Tejasswi says, “Most of my kharcha is behind the food.” For an actress who looks like that, it’s hard to believe, right? 

The Bigg Boss Winner Tries Paneer Pizza

Tejasswi Prakash

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While a huge crowd gathered around Bachelorr’s to see Tejasswi Prakash, she talked about getting so much love and attention from people. They devoured the cheesy paneer pizza in the back of the car. That is what we call eating in Mumbaiya style! Tejasswi says she always wants the biggest slice of the pizza that is the most cheesy. According to her, cheese is very important! Well, whether it’s cheese on the pizza or cheese in her relationship with Karan Kundrra, we like it both ways. 

In the interview, the actress shares that she has many flavours and is she like a pani puri. To know all the flavours of Tejasswi Prakash, watch the video mentioned above! 

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