Telangana Food Safety Dept Raids Mahabubnagar & Nizamabad Restaurants; Finds Stale Food, Improper Storage & More

The Telangana Food Safety Department inspected a total of 5 restaurants in Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad Town on June 8.

by Shreya Ghosh
Telangana Food Safety Dept Raids Mahabubnagar & Nizamabad Restaurants; Finds Stale Food, Improper Storage & More

The Food Safety Department of Telangana continues to conduct raids at eateries and restaurants regularly. After the much-talked-about inspection at one of Blinkit’s warehouses in Hyderabad, the officials next headed to a list of places in the state’s Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad Town. From stale food items to adulterated ingredients to storage issues, they discovered several places violating the most basic guidelines.

The Food Safety Department Inspected These Places In Telangana’s Mahabubnagar

On June 8, a team of food safety officials were seen raiding Mahabubnagar’s Pista House. After a thorough investigation, they discarded about 70 kg of poor-quality non-vegetarian food stored inside. Next, the department found dustbins kept in the cooking area.

The drains were unclean and blocked. In addition to all these, the fridge was dirty too. The staff of Pista House did not store food and non-food items properly. In fact, there was no FSSAI licence found.

A special team of officials also inspected Sri Venkateswara Bhavan in the Mahabubnagar district. They discovered adulterated tea powder and several sanitation problems. The restaurant could not provide medical records of food handlers. Also, there were no reports on pest control and water analysis with FBO.

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They Raided 3 Restaurants In Nizamabad Town

Hotel Kapila was inspected on Saturday. The special team of Telangana Food Safety Department officials discovered fungal-infested vegetables, expired food items, and unhygienic floors, kitchen, and walls. Pests infested almonds, rajma, and suji. The team discarded all these unhealthy food items.

While raiding Aroma Family Kitchen, the concerned team saw synthetic food colours, unwrapped raw chicken inside a fridge, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items kept together. People responsible for handling all food items did not have any gloves or hair nets. Prawns were refrigerated without any label. The surroundings of the Aroma Family Kitchen were very dirty.

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Following an investigation, the department threw away fungal-infected cashew nuts, fungal-infected grapes, and synthetic colours from Hotel Vamshi International in Nizamabad Town. They also found cooked deep-fried food refrigerated with a stock of raw materials.

These are all the updates of the Telangana Food Safety Department’s recent raids in Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad Town.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana)

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