10 Of The Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

1. Bamboo Cottage – Kerala

Hidden in the lush green cover, some 25 kms south from Kochi, is this quaint teakwood cottage that is a perfect option for those who are looking for some peace. It is situated fairly close to an ayurveda centre, so the massages are an added bonus. Also, the host is an absolute darling! Sabine will make sure you have a wonderful stay at her guesthouse.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Teakwood Cottage In Kerala

10 Of The Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

One of the two bedrooms in the cottage.

Price per night: Rs 2,154

Accommodates: 2

More Info:  The Bamboo Cottage

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2. Horn Billhouse – Goa

Next time you are in Goa, try this funky house that has been built on rocks. Actually, on rocks! In the master bedroom, there are two beds, one on a slightly elevated level for the kids. The best part is not even this — it is the fact that the ceiling and around 70% of the walls are made up of glass. So you get the illusion of sleeping in the open without actually having to sleep outside. How cool is that!

10 Of The Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Beds on stone in the Horn Bill home in Goa.


Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Sitting area in the master bedroom in the Horn Bill house.

Price per night: Rs 4,504

Accommodates: 3

More info: Horn Bill House

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3. Firefly Homestay– Alibaug

This stunning location is ideal for a quick weekend getaway with your friends who just want to chill and have some fun. The property is huge with 5 bedrooms that are amazingly spacious. The hosts even have an adorable dog named Skylar at the farmhouse who you can play with! For an added 2,000 bucks, they will arrange local cooks for you to cook you hearty meals that will leave you licking your fingers. The kitchen will transport you straight to the street cafes of Paris.

 Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Firefly homestay pool area in Alibaug.

 Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Poolside antique kitchen at the homestay.

Price per night: Rs 27,527

Accommodates: 10

More info:Firefly Farmhouse

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4. Steinthal Suite – Darjeeling

Situated in the midst of a the third largest tea estate in Darjeeling, Singtom Resort has a blissful accommodation option, the Steinthal suite. From spending quality time in the estates to watching the sun go down, obviously with a cup of hot tea, this place is a party for your senses. Perfect for lovebirds and happy families alike!

 Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Aerial view of the Steinthal suite at the Singtom resort.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Lounge area in the Steinthal suite

Price per night: Rs 8,000

Accommodates: 3

More info: Steinthal Suite

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5. Shobha Pinle Cottage – Manali

You’ll feel like you are at your own home at this scenic cottage. The cottage looks like it is straight out of a fairytale. Indeed a dream come true, this cottage and its staff will make you feel completely at home. Located in the old part of the town, it is devoid of the noise from traffic and all you can hear is the beautiful sound of the nature.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Shobha Pinle Royale Cottage, high up on the hills.

 Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

The cosy sitting area inside the cottage.


Price per night: Rs 2,759

Accommodates: 2

More info:Shobha Pinle Cottage

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6. Rosie’s Retreat Homestay– Udaipur

Already being called as one of the best homestays in the country, Rosie’s Retreat celebrates Rajasthan’s culture in all its glory. With patterned tablecloths, vibrant coloured cushions, rustic cupboards and ancient carpets, the decor is on point! And the one thing that it is famous for is the gorgeous view of Lake Pichola from the terrace.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Rosie’s retreat homestay in Udaipur.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Private dine area inside the homestay.

Price per night: Rs 5,987

Accommodates: 2

More info: Rosie’s Retreat Homestay

7. Woodyvu Stok House – Leh

Situated on the mighty Khardungla pass, this magnificent house has to be on your go-to lists. This large property is decked with 5 aesthetic and modern bedrooms — wooden floorings contrasted with bright shades of pink beddings. Oh, I think I have fallen in love! What could be better than crashing in this beautiful home after a tiring trek up the beautiful mountains?

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Woodyvu Stock House under the stars in Leh.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

One of the bedrooms inside the bungalow.

Price per night: Rs 10,394

Accommodates: 2

More info:Woodyvu Stok House

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8. Le Belle Vie– Nanital

My favourite out of the lot, Le Belle Vie, which means the beautiful life, stands true its name. The rustic vibe this house gives off means you’ll never want to leave. It is close to many adventure activity areas like paragliding, trekking, rappelling, valley crossing and so on. That is if you ever leave this gorgeous home to even go out! It has 3 bedrooms and enough space for your whole clan to fit in.

 Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

The master bedroom inside the apartment in Nainital.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Wooden kitchen inside the house stay.

Price per night: Rs 12,042

Accommodates: 8

More info: La Belle Vie

9. Dwarika Residency – Shimla 

Snow-clad mountains surround you while you barbecue your meals under a starry night. Now that’s a place I want to be in! Dwarika residency is situated high up in the hills, making it the perfect place for anyone who loves the mountains. There are different kinds of rooms available at different rates or you can even book the whole property, depending upon the size of your group. The perfect spot to enjoy the bliss of nature.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Dwarika residency in the hills of Shimla.

 Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

View from the hill stay.


Price per night: Rs 4,575

Accommodates: 12

More info: Dwarika Residency

10. Junoon Villa – Almora

Saving the best for the last, the Junoon villa is a class apart. It speaks of luxury and you will feel every bit of a celebrity while you stay here. A stay where you can relax, enjoy nature and spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Live streams will give you fresh water at all times, taking you back to the good old times when there was no need for a geyser. Enjoy the splendid view of the valley and loose yourself in the nature, only to find your real self again.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

The gorgeous terrace area at the Junoon villa in Uttarakhand.

Coolest Airbnb Apartments In India

Interior of the Junoon villa in Uttarakhand.

Price per night: Rs 44,065

Accommodates: 11

More info: Junoon Villa

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