Texas Panhandle Wildfires Continues, Scorches Over 1 Million Acres Of Land; Second Largest Fire In State’s History

The Smokehouse Creek Fire ignited on Monday afternoon and has since caused massive damage and poses a threat to 60 countries.

by Tashika Tyagi
Texas Panhandle Wildfires Continues, Scorches Over 1 Million Acres Of Land; Second Largest Fire In State’s History

A massive wildfire broke out in Texas on Monday evening. Named the Smokehouse Creek Fire, this is believed to be the second-largest fire in Texas’ history. So far, it has destroyed over one million acres of land, killed one person, caused power shutdowns, forced citizens to evacuate, and even suspended operations at a nuclear weapons facility nearby. According to the Governor of Texas, this wildfire in the Panhandle poses a threat to nearly 60 countries.

The Second Largest Fire Breakout In The History Of Texas

Charred homes, deserted streets, and distressed animals are common scenes in Texas right now. With the Smokehouse Creek Fire raging more since Wednesday, the fire in Texas is now believed to be the second largest in the state’s history. However, the cause of the fire is still unknown.

 Smokehouse Creek Fire
Image Courtesy: Canva

The wild flares have destroyed more than 900,000 acres of land and have forced people to leave their homes. Roads have been shut down in the area and the nuclear weapon facilities in the vicinity have also been shut down. The wildfire has also caused unbearable heat in the area as the temperature has risen to 52 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, due to fewer winds on Wednesday, firefighters were able to make headway and access some areas.

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Smokehouse Creek Fire Leaves Massive Destruction In Its Wake

 Smokehouse Creek Fire
Image Courtesy: X/@BlakeBrownWx

People on X (formerly Twitter) have posted scenes of Texas and it’s nothing less than a chaotic disaster. Wild animals running for rescue and massive fires that will leave you shaking are some of the most posted scenes from the Smokehouse Creek Fire. Here’s what is going on in Texas right now.

Wild animals were seen running on roads to get away from the massive flares and it is one of the most heartbreaking things.

People also posted about the ruins left behind by the Smokehouse Creek Fire.

We really hope this wildfire is contained soon and pray for all the people and animals who have been affected due to this disaster.

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