Thailand Visa To Get Cheaper In Dec & January!

by Kritika Kukreja
Thailand Visa To Get Cheaper In Dec & January!

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If you’re travelling to Thailand in December & January, your travel visa just became cheaper as the Thailand government is slashing the rates for the visa to bump up the tourism. 

What Is It?

Travel visa to Thailand becomes cheaper if you’re travelling between 1st December, 2018 and 31st January, 2019. The Thailand government is taking efforts to bump up the tourism and the visa cost will be slashed for India and 20 other countries. You will be able to save nearly 2000 bahts, or ₹4358 approx considering your stay is limited to 15 days in Thailand. 

What Do We Know?

The visa fees is being slashed for 2 months and the Thai government is expecting a 30% rise in the tourism within these 2 months. The visa can be granted on arrival during this time and it’s clear that Thailand is trying to win back the tourists after Maya Bay beach was shut due to over tourism earlier this year.