Thappads Over Papads: Wedding Feast In Kerala Turns Into A Full-On Brawl Due To Spat Over Papad

by Tooba Shaikh
Thappads Over Papads: Wedding Feast In Kerala Turns Into A Full-On Brawl Due To Spat Over Papad

Papads are a much-loved meal accompaniment throughout the country. This particular incident which took place in Kerala should give you an idea about how much Indians, especially South Indians, love Papad. A wedding feast in Kerala turned into a full-on brawl after requests for extra papads were denied by the servers. The brawl can be witnessed in a tweet that was posted some time ago on the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

Wedding Feast In Kerala Turns Into A Brawl

The video was posted last year in the month of August 2022. The video shows what can only be termed a riot. Men are seen fighting in the videos and hitting each other with whatever they find in their hands, including chairs, footwear, utensils, etc.

The story behind the brawl goes something like this: friends of the groom demanded papad at the meal. It is customary to serve papad along with Sadhya meal which is a part of Kerala’s culture. It is also customary that the guests are served seconds and thirds of various dishes in the Sadhya including the Papads.

However, it seems that when the groom’s friends demanded papad, their request was either not heeded or was denied. This led to a verbal spat between the servers and the groom’s friends. It wasn’t long before heated words turned into physical aggression. Pretty soon, the entire wedding hall turned into a battlefield.

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Dudh Maango Kheer Denge, Papad Maango Cheer Denge

According to Onmanorama, this incident took place in the Alappuzha district of Kerala. It was posted last year in August and since then, it has resurfaced on the Internet. Ever since it was initially posted, it has received close to 14 thousand views.

The video was posted along with a caption that summarised the sequence of events that led to this full-blown brawl. Sardonically commenting on the incident, the caption highlights that the incident, which is highly petty, took place in a state that is known for its 100 per cent literacy rate.

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