Man Sets Co-Passenger On Fire In Kerala Train; 3 Dead & 8 Injured

by Tooba Shaikh
Man Sets Co-Passenger On Fire In Kerala Train; 3 Dead & 8 Injured

A tragic incident took place on a Kerala train as a man set a co-passenger on fire after an altercation. The incident took place on the Alappuzha Kannur Main Executive Express. This particular tragic incident resulted because of an altercation. According to the passengers, after being angered in an argument, a man doused his co-passenger with petrol and lit him on fire. Eight passengers were injured as they attempted to put the fire out.

Kerala Train: Man Sets Co-Passenger On Fire

Kerala train
Credits: Pixabay

According to the eyewitnesses and co-passengers on the train, the violent incident happened after an altercation between two people on board. In fury, a man doused his co-passenger in petrol and torched him. Eight other passengers were injured while trying to help put out the fire.

The incident happened on the 2nd of April around 10:00 PM inside the D1 compartment of the train. The man who started the fire fled the crime scene and is unidentified still. A suspicious bag with two cell phones and another bottle of petrol was also recovered.

The incident happened near the Korapuzha Railway bridge after the train crossed the city of Kozhikode. The emergency chain was pulled and the officials on the train were informed of the fire on the train. The train was then halted at the Elathur railway station.

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Dead Bodies Of 3 Recovered, Including One Of A Child

Some passengers, including a person who was injured in the incident, complained that a woman and child were missing from the train. The authorities then started looking for them and soon discovered three dead bodies, a man, a woman and a 1-year-old child.

The police hypothesised that when the incident took place, they must have jumped from the running train in order to escape the fire. Their bodies were recovered from the tracks near the Elathur railway station.

The police are still looking for the man responsible for this horrifying incident. Further, according to many reports, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of a terror attack.

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