The Art of Aerial Silk

by Kamiya Jani
The Art of Aerial Silk

What is it?

Image courtesy - arts and motion
Image courtesy – arts in motion dance studio



Climb on the suspended fabric from the ceiling and learn to fall, swing and spiral your bodies in and out of various positions. Aerial silk lets you fly through the air and strike poses while flying. Its not only a great way to have fun but it also provides a range of health benefits. From your physical strength to your figure and mood can be in check through regular participation

Aerial Silk
Image courtesy – arts in motion dance studio

Burn it up!

You can look forward to burning between 300 and 400 calories per hour and with experience and increased intensity of exercise, even greater energy expenditures can be achieved. These workouts resemble acrobatic workouts. These are gravity defying gymnastic moves. It targets your arms, shoulders, wrist, core, legs, and the whole body so to say.

Image courtesy - Fitnesolution
Image courtesy – Fitnesolution

What do you gain?

  • Incredible strength and stamina
  • Develop strong core
  • Improve balance
  • Reinforce body alignment.
  • Feel empowered to hold your full body in the air
  • Discover new inverted postures.

aerial silk

Don’t do it: 

If you have:

  • Back/spine/ knee injury
  • Shoulders, wrist injury
  • Weak bones, arthritis


In Mumbai Arts N Motion (
In Delhi, Fitnesolution by Kiran Sawhney (
Dasha At Delhi Rock and Workshops by Goura Prema

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