The Bengali Daab Chingri Is Kolkata’s Best-Selling Dish & Here’s Where To Try It

by Suchismita Pal
The Bengali Daab Chingri Is Kolkata’s Best-Selling Dish & Here’s Where To Try It

Talk about Daab Chingri in front of a Bengali and the person will instantly utter ‘wow’. Yes, Daab Chingri is indeed one of the best dishes of the Bengali cuisine. It is a spicy and luscious lobster curry cooked and served inside a green coconut shell. To make this unique curry, spices are mixed with coconut water paste which give it a unique flavour. When you’re in Kolkata, you definitely need to try out this dish, especially at a restaurant specialising in traditional Bengali food. Here are 5 places in Kolkata that make absolutely succulent Daab Chingri to please your taste buds and tummy:

1. Bhojohori Manna, Ekdalia

Bhojohori Manna evolved out of a garage in Ekdalia in 2003 and now is one of the most renowned Bengali restaurants in Kolkata. It has several outlets across Kolkata, besides the Ekdalia outlet. Bagda Daab Chingri, comprising two jumbo lobsters comes for ₹320 here. Meanwhile, here are 11 reasons why Kolkata is a stunning city.

Kolkata Daab Chingri
Picture Credits: Bong Trend

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2. 6 Ballygunge Place, Kasba

This is another popular place in Kolkata that serves home-style authentic Bengali food. While the original 6 Ballygunge Place is located at Kasba near Ballygunge, the restaurant has another outlet at Sector 5, Saltlake. You can try Daab Chingri here at ₹370. It includes 6 lobsters.

Kolkata Daab Chingri
Picture Credits: Facebook/Barnali Tapaswi

3. Saptapadi, Saltlake

Saptapadi has outlets in Jadavpur, Hindustan Park and Salt Lake. The name of the restaurant is derived from a hit 1961 Bengali movie Saptapadi, starring the Mahanayak of Bengali cinema, actor Uttar Kumar and actress Suchitra Sen in lead roles. The Uttam-Suchitra chemistry is deeply entwined in the feeling of every Bengali who had their youth spent in the mid-90s. Daab Chingri, with 4 pieces, costs ₹380 here.

Kolkata Daab Chingri
Picture Credits: Rumki’s Golden Spoon

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4. Koshe Kosha, Hatibagan

Hatibagan is one of the bustling markets of old Kolkata and it houses this dainty Bengali restaurant. And you’ll actually spot branches of Koshe Kosha all around Kolkata, at Chinar Park, Golpark, Ripon Street, Behala, Highland Park, Barasat and more. A serving of Daab Chingri costs ₹515 here.

Kolkata Daab Chingri
Picture Credits: Ritz Magazine

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5. Dui-Paar Bangla, Kaikhali

Dui-Paar Bangla is lesser-known and thus is still a hidden gem. But it serves highly delicious Bengali dishes in wholesome quantities, at pocket-friendly rates. The two-storeyed restaurant is just around 7 minutes away from Kolkata airport. A plate of Daab Chingri here comes with five medium lobsters and costs ₹380.

Kolkata Daab Chingri
Picture Credits: Blush

Meanwhile, here”s how to make restaurant-style Bengali Chingri Malai Curry at home: