This Kolkata Tea Stall Serves A Unique Chocolate Tea Topped With Little Hearts & Choco Chips

by Suchismita Pal
This Kolkata Tea Stall Serves A Unique Chocolate Tea Topped With Little Hearts & Choco Chips

Chocolate tea isn’t very new in the talks of the town. But today we’re going to tell y’all about a very unique, absolutely tempting chocolate tea, which isn’t just topped with dollops of chocolate syrup and chocolate chips. What adds to the magic of this tea is a little heart biscuit topping. To add to your surprise, a large cup of this hearty hot concoction is served at just ₹70. If you’re craving a cold treat, a little hearts, Cadbury gems, choco chips and choco syrup topped malai lassi is also served here at ₹60. Tripti Tea Stall is a small roadside tea stall in the heart of South Kolkata, near Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, Gate No. 6. And with its heavenly, Instagrammable bevvies, it can literally make your day!

Roadside Milk Tea With Chocolate Chips, Gooyey Choco Syrup, Little Hearts And More!

Tripti Tea Stall is a hidden gem in South Kolkata that serves jaw-droppingly delicious tea, coffee and lassi variants at highly affordable prices. Without a doubt, they serve the best chocolate tea and chocolate lassi in Kolkata. You won’t feel that you’re having something just worth the money. You’ll feel like getting more than what you’ve actually paid for. The little heart topped tea is very popular in Kolkata, especially among the college-goers of South Kolkata. Some people find chocolate tea as the best drink here, while many others consider the chocolate lassi as the tastiest drink. What’s more, the tea stall also serves a Special Chocolate Coffee, topped with an ice-cream cone, chocolate chips and Cadbury gems.

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It’s So Much About Chocolates And Creams

Tripti Tea Stall serves its signature beverages in traditional kulhads and colourful tea cutting glasses. Also, some beverages are served in brass metal pots.  The shop is a great crowd-puller, and most of the times, it remains jam-packed with people. Other than the drinks already mentioned, the shop also serves amazing Kesar Malai Tea, Hookah Ice Tea, Hot Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Cake Ice Cream and loads more. The pretty kiosk is so much about chocolates and creams, and it is a true visual delight. The word ‘Tripti’ means ‘immense satisfaction’. And the drinks at Tripti Tea Stall, Kolkata can truly satiate our eyes and taste buds both.

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Once you’re in Kolkata, missing this out would be a total injustice to the foodie in you. So, don’t forget checking this out. Meanwhile, let us tell you about another historic Kolkata bakery, that serves pastries, muffins and cookies with a deliciousness you would hardly find anywhere else: