Watch The Bohri Kitchen Experience #InAMinute

by Kamiya Jani
Watch The Bohri Kitchen Experience #InAMinute

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Munaf’s mom, Nafisa makes the best Bohri food & you can eat it too! Its ok if you don’t know him as long as you pay Rs1500 for this scrumptious meal.

What is it? 

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The Kapadia family surely knows how to win hearts all across the city with their food. Every weekend, people from different walks of life come together at this old Colaba apartment to share a big Bohri thaal.

While Kapadia uncle buys the meat & grocery, it’s Nafisa aunty who cooks the delicious meal and son Munaf spreads the word around to call in guests. His unique idea has even won him a name in the Forbes Magazine for 30 under 30!

The Food

This is a seven course meal with each dish representing the essence of love and care showered in the Bohri community. Start the experience with a Coconut Cooler (coconut water mixed with malai) a perfect medicine to city’s humidity. A pinch of salt is then offered by the youngest guest (in my case, it was a 2 year old boy) to awaken your taste buds. This is then followed by a slew of dishes alternating with khaaras-meethas (salty-sweet) flavours.

Probably, the only cuisine that serves a sweet dish in a midst of a spicy meal. This is again to keep your taste buds alive!

Atleast eight types of different pickles are offered on the thaal. I loved the Triangular Kheema Samosas which are crispy and certainly not so oily. The legendary Raan truly lives up to its taste with red masala.

Verdict by Miss Jani

Nafisa Aunty & KamiyaI am a big fan of ‘ghar ka khaana’. So much so, that every afternoon after college, while my friends wanted to hang out at the newest food joint, I wanted to run home to my mom-cooked Sindhi kadhi and rice. Nafisa aunty is like any other mother who loves to feed people at home and enjoy the appreciation she garners. The Bohri Kitchen is ideal for those who do not like eating out but still want to try something new. Priced at Rs 1500 per person, which is what most restaurants charge for a sunday brunch, I do feel that this is bit expensive. However, the quality of the food and the experience makes it worth every penny. Remember to skip breakfast and go empty stomach as you will be stuffed with lots of food.”


Address: Army Area, Nofra, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra

For Reservations: 9819447438

Cost: 1500 per person

When: Weekends; Saturday and Sunday lunches

This weekend introduce yourself to a new culture and a new way of living. This is a live example of the fact that food just tastes better if made with love.

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