The Hostel Culture Of Bengaluru Beyond Bed & Breakfast

by Tania Tarafdar
The Hostel Culture Of Bengaluru Beyond Bed & Breakfast

Hostels are no longer completely a Western concept in India today. The concept of the backpackers’ hostel is to provide stay to travelers, which is affordable, clean, and comfortable. While this concept has gained popularity amongst the tourist destinations, Bengaluru as a metro city, offers a variety of hostels, that are so much more than just ‘bed and breakfast’, its a community of misfits, of digital nomads, of creatives. We visited 4 such distinct hostels, nested in the most happening localities of Bengaluru:

📍Cuckoo Hostel & Commune: Zero waste hostel
📍BeAnimal: India’s first vegan hostel
📍Draper Startup House for Entrepreneurs: India’s first startup hostel
📍Woke Hostels: Fits a staycation and a backpackers’ hostel setup

There is so much more in the hostel culture that we’d love to talk to you about, let us know if you’d like us to create a Part 2.