The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan Sees A Huge Spike In Tourism; Expects 98,000 Tourists In 2023

by Tooba Shaikh
The Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan Sees A Huge Spike In Tourism; Expects 98,000 Tourists In 2023

Bhutan is a severely underrated country when it comes to tourism. Many people have been sleeping on its rich cultural heritage and dynamic cuisine. However, according to the latest reports, it seems that people are finally giving this amazing country its due when it comes to tourism. Recent reports indicate that there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists visiting this Asian country. Officials are hopeful that the trend will continue to grow.

Bhutan Tourism: 98,000 Tourists Expected In 2023

Bhutan tourism
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According to the Bhutanese Tourism Department, there has been an increase in the positive trend in the resurgence of the tourism industry in the country. According to an article by the Hindustan Times, Bhutan has received more than 52,000 tourists in the past eight months.

The article also reported that officials are hopeful that this trend will keep on growing. Close to 98,000 tourists are expected to visit the country in the year of 2023. Officials are positive that the goal will be met and even possibly be exceeded.

The highest number of international tourists has been from countries like India, the United States of America or the US, Malaysia, the United Kingdom or the UK, and Vietnam. More than 32,500 tourists were from India.

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Increase In SDF-Paying Tourists

Bhutan tourism
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The report also noted that despite the Sustainable Development Fee or the SDF rates being revised, the tourist numbers have continued to grow. The officials were expecting the new SDF rates to impact the tourism industry. However, the numbers keep growing.

According to the HT article, more than half of the 19,000 international tourists visited the country under the new SDF scheme. Now, the number of tourists paying the new SDF is slightly higher than those paying the old SDF.

According to the Director General of the Department of Tourism, Dorji Dhradhul, the change in SDF rates caused alarm in many service providers as they expected that it would negatively impact the industry, however, the number have only increased.

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