The Much-Awaited Bus To London From Delhi Covering 18 Countries Is Scheduled For April 2023

by Sushmita Mahanta
The Much-Awaited Bus To London From Delhi Covering 18 Countries Is Scheduled For April 2023

Travelling is a lot of things to a lot of people. To some it’s a compulsion, to few others a business. But for many others, travelling is a soul saver. So when in 2021 Gurugram based travel company Adventures Overland launched a bus service titled Bus to London, it intrigued all the travel buffs. However with the pandemic, the company did delay its plans. But there’s good news now! The ‘Bus To London’ is now scheduled to launch in April 2023. So get ready for the tour of a lifetime from Delhi to London on a bus. And here’s all you need to know about this epic bus journey.

‘Bus To London’ Is Inspired By The Mid 20th Century ‘Hippie Trail’

The genius minds of the Indian travel company Adventures Overland came up with an epic bus tour idea in 2021. And finally we see the dream turn into reality. Their luxurious ‘Bus To London’, a single luxurious coach will travel 20,000km between Delhi and London, offering you a tour of 18 countries in 70 days. Now isn’t that the first of its kind? Apparently the ‘hippie trail’ of the mid-twentieth century is the main inspiration behind this epic project. The trail is a historic one as it saw travellers dropping out of Western society to travel overland from Europe to India in huge numbers. And we are sure, ‘Bus to London’ too is going to be another epic and historic sight to witness!

'Bus To London'

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‘Bus To London’ Is All About Luxury And Comfort

The ‘Bus To London’ is going to run both ways and will cost around 15 Lakhs per person to travel from Delhi to London and vice versa. Although it’s costlier than air travel, it’s also a lifetime opportunity to be part of a historic journey and definitely worth it! And let us tell you, this journey will let you travel in luxury and comfort all throughout. From a local English speaking guide in every country to stocks of meals, water snacks, chocolates throughout the journey, road book for each passenger and so much more is waiting for you. So embark on this epic journey in luxury and style and you’re gonna have memories of a lifetime for sure!

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What Does The 18 Country Tour Include?

For all the travel buffs out there, ‘Bus to London’ is a perfect chance to soak yourself with knowledge through travelling. From witnessing the great Wall of China to knowing the history of Tashkent. From exploring European Frankfurt to finally touring the beautiful London, this bus journey will let you do it all! And now the most important part. The 18 countries you are going to explore include – India, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, France and UK. Apart from this, bus facilities include 24/7 Wi-Fi and Mic and audio system. The seats are designed with partitions to ensure full privacy. Passengers will also have access to their private lockers with each seat to store their valuables. Charging points, first aid kit, emergency etc, too are available to offer you the most comfortable journey possible.

So now that you know all the tidbits, what’s stopping you? Let the upcoming 2023 be your chance to witness history with ‘Bus To London’!