The Mumbai-Dubai Route Was The Busiest International Route Last Year

by Kritika Kukreja 1875

Under 140 Characters

In the year 2017-18, the busiest International route was definitely the Mumbai-Dubai route with 2.5 million passengers. 

What Is It?

In the financial year 2017-18, the most taken International route from Indian cities had to be Mumbai to Dubai. This one was followed by Delhi to Dubai with 2 million passengers and Dubai to Kochi which came to about one million passengers. Most of the passengers were businessmen and people who work in the Middle East.

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Image by Pixabay

What Do We Know?

The Delhi to Bangkok route came at 4th place, with Hyderabad to Dubai route coming in at the 5th. Many of the Indian travelers were seen flying to London and Singapore as well

Considering all the statistics given by the aviation division, the most International flights from India have been taken to Dubai and back, making it the most popular International spot that Indians visit.

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