The Secret To Long Life Has Been Unlocked By The People Of Greece’s Serene Island Ikaria

Often known as the "Island Where People Forget to Die," this place has become a focus for researchers and health enthusiasts.

by Tejashee Kashyap
The Secret To Long Life Has Been Unlocked By The People Of Greece’s Serene Island Ikaria

Forty miles off the European coast of Turkey, in Greece’s eastern Aegean Sea, there is an island named Ikaria. However, if you are in your 30s, you are still a child, and even if you are in your 90s, you may have a long road ahead. But how? Often known as the “Island Where People Forget to Die,” this place has become a focus for researchers and health enthusiasts.

Do People Can Forget To Die In Ikaria?

People on the Greek island of Ikaria are much more likely to live to be 100 years old, while diseases such as lung cancer inexplicably disappear. Ikaria is one of the world’s five Blue Zones, known for its remoteness and raw beauty. Locals think it has been blessed by the gods, but what else contributes to its unusual link with long life? According to an article by National Geographic, more than 30% of Ikarians survive into their 90s, free of chronic sickness and dementia, and many reach 100.

Living to the age of 100 is common in Ikaria, with one in every three residents living above the age of 90. As a result, the island is designated world’s “blue zone”—a classification for regions of exceptional longevity—and is one of just four worldwide. The island is the subject of research to shine a light on the reasons behind these people’s extraordinary lifespan. Physical activity, food, and non-destructive behaviours, such as quitting smoking and taking midday naps, appear to power this phenomenon.

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But, What Contributes To It?

Ikarians also benefit from an outdoor lifestyle in harmony with nature, a plant-based diet rich in wild herbs, vegetables, legumes, olive oil, and natural wine, a low level of stress, and close-knit communities.  No one looks at the clock and time moves in a slow, dreamlike way.

They eat primarily locally. Their typical weekly menu resembles a how-to guide for the popular Mediterranean diet: Olive oil 5-7 times a week, fruits and veggies. 4-5 times per week, fish twice, meat once, with a cup of coffee and a glass of wine at the end of their day. Ikaria’s past is linked with god-related legends. According to legend, Dionysus, the god of wine was born here and worshipped in a cave. One of the earliest written mentions of wine is in Homer’s epic Odyssey, hailing the Ikarian red wine.

Bathing in the south coast’s hot springs, which are superheated at temperatures ranging from 31 to 58 degrees Celsius and are among the most radioactive in the world, is suggested as another factor contributing to the islanders’ lives.

The island’s lifestyle, diet, and social connectedness provide valuable insights into the factors influencing longevity. This Greek island proves how a holistic approach to life can contribute to a longer and healthier existence.

So, would you follow Ikaria’s way of life?

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