The Urrak From Goa Made From Cashew Apples Will Soothe Your Soul And Senses

by Suchismita Pal
The Urrak From Goa Made From Cashew Apples Will Soothe Your Soul And Senses

While feni, kokum juice, sol kadi and King’s Beer are some of the popular drinks in Goa, there’s a summer drink of the beach destination which isn’t known to many. It’s Urrak, the first distillate ( or single distillate) of the juice of cashew apple that gets fermented into an alcoholic bevvy. The second distillate of this is cashew feni.  The Portuguese had brought the cashew apple plants to Goa in the 1700s. Urrak is a seasonal drink and is available from around March to May. Once the rains arrive, Goans need to wait for another year to enjoy the refreshing drink.

Get High On The Fruity Aroma And The Pleasing Taste

Urrak has a fruity smell and a sweet taste that can impress even the ones who do not prefer feni. It is, in fact, one of the most loved drinks among the locals in the summer months. When blended with lemonade, ice and soda, Urrak tastes utterly glorious. It is a quencher of both thirst and soul. The only downside of Urrak is that it has a short shelf life and its fruitiness is lost with the start of sedimentation in a few weeks.

There are many Goan restaurants too that have rolled out experimental seasonal cocktails with Urrak. Take Black Sheep Bistro’s Theek Mirsang or Zwé’s Laukhu Urrack as examples. You can also get some soothing Urrak drinks at The Goan Room. This All-Glass Villa In Goa Offering 360-Degree Views Of The Surrounding Green Palms Is A Dream Weekend Home

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Urrak Has Health Benefits Too

While you can try out the cocktails, getting access to raw Urrak isn’t that easy. Many locals can produce the drinks for themselves in their cashew estates. Therefore, to get the authentic flavour of this drink, you need to have some great Goan friends. Some locals also believe that consuming Urrak during summer can help to keep away fevers and colds for the rest of the year.

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Have you tried this unique cashew apple brew yet?