There’s A Pani Puri Shawarma. Khatam, Tata, Bye-Bye, We Can’t Take It Anymore!

by Shreya Rathod
There’s A Pani Puri Shawarma. Khatam, Tata, Bye-Bye, We Can’t Take It Anymore!

The chatpata chaat on stalls looks tempting — especially pani puri! Doesn’t matter whether it’s called puchka, golgappe, pani ke patashe, we love the hollow puris filled with spicy and tangy water. But in the era of food trends, this simple pani puri has seen innumerable variations — some that you can tolerate but others that are simply outrageous! And we have found another one of this weird combo. Take a look at the pani puri shawarma made by this vendor in Surat.

Pani Puri Shawarma In Surat

We have tried the Indian version of this Middle Eastern dish called shawarma. And there is no doubt that the grilled minced meat stuffed in pita bread tastes like heaven — but in a puri?! Yes! A food blogger, Vatsal Jariwala, spotted a street vendor who sells these shawarma pani puris in Surat. You can see its making in the Instagram video posted by the food blogger. It shows the street stall with the shawarma set up, including a layer of marinated meat grilled from the sides.

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The vendor starts preparing the filing for pani puri by mincing meat and then mixing it with salad, crispy fries and sauces. Then he takes puris and adds the filling in them. He, then, grates cheese over the puris and melts it with the help of a blow torch. You will see India’s first shawarma pani puri in real!

Netizens Are Not Happy!

The process of making the filling is more or less the same. But the thought of eating a shawarma pani puri didn’t sit well with many Netizens. One of the users has written that they can use him as a dislike. Another person asked whether it was necessary to add cheese to everything.

One of them pointed out that there is no water in this dish, so the name should be ‘puri shawarma’ (Well, I think he’s right!). Others are just hoping that this is the last time this experiment will take place. Moreover, some of them have asked for the vendor’s licence to be revoked!

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It seems like everyone has lost their appetite after hearing about this new pani puri. But tell us what are your thoughts on it.

Cover Image Courtesy: The Foodie Cam/ Instagram