Pani Puri Is Served With Ice Cream Here, Take A Look At Another Fusion Dish We Never Asked For

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Pani Puri Is Served With Ice Cream Here, Take A Look At Another Fusion Dish We Never Asked For

I don’t know about you, but I am officially done with the weird fusions and food trends that almost every single day flash on my feed. They did not even spare India’s favourite and most loved street food, Pani Puri! Yes, in this viral video, a vendor is seen selling pani puri with ice cream, and no, I don’t mean separately! Here is how the vendor prepares this weird fusion: God bless our eyes!

Have You Tried Pani Puri Served With Ice Cream?

No matter what name you call it—Pani puri, puchka, or golgappa—this delicious snack is surely everyone’s favorite. The incredible combination of ragda, spicy, and sweet water in puri can make your mouth water at any time. But a video posted on Facebook by Mi_nashikkar_ showed a completely different version of this yummy and beloved snack. The video was posted with ‘Ice cream golgappa’ as the caption. 

The video features a man who runs a pani puri stall, placing some puris on a plate and a family pack of ice cream beside it. He then makes small holes in the puris and fills them with scoops of vanilla ice cream. The vendor then adds various flavours of syrups on top of these puris. The dish is then garnished with sev on top. The other half of the video shows another version of the same dish where ice cream is replaced by shaved ice. 

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Netizens Were Not Much Happy With This Weird Fusion

The video of pani puri served with ice cream, shared on Facebook, went viral in no time and has garnered about 191K views. It has over 1.7K comments, and people can’t stop reacting to the unusual combination. Many people expressed their disgust as the vendor ruined their favourite street food. There were a few of them who commented that they might give it a try. One netizen asked the vendor to add cheese and chole into it as well and expressed his disgust in sarcasm. Another recommended the vendor to use waffles in round shape instead of the puris. 

pani puri
Pic credits:@minashikkar/Facebook

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Cover Image Courtesy: @minashikkar/Facebook