There’s A UFO Hovering Over Middle East & NASA Lets Us In On It!

by Mallika Khurana
There’s A UFO Hovering Over Middle East & NASA Lets Us In On It!

The universe is a mysterious place, and scientists are always working towards discovering more about the vast cosmos. We have been hearing terms like ‘unidentified flying objects’, but we barely understand what it implies. Hence, the term ‘unidentified’, right? Well, scientists at NASA recently unveiled footage of a UFO hovering over the Middle East. The team held a public meeting to discuss the study of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP).  During the meeting, they displayed the image of an orb-shaped object flying over the Middle East.

NASA Showcased A UFO Footage At A Public Meeting

This public meeting held by NASA was the first one at which a team of scientists conducted a study to understand unexplained phenomena. With the intention of keeping the public in the loop with their study and findings, this meeting was televised. A live telecast link was also shared on NASA’s Twitter handle, where this entire meeting is still available for the public to stream.

Conducted by 16 scientists and experts chosen by NASA, this public meeting focused on discussing all the latest findings about UFOs. Dan Evans, a member of this team, shared that there is no proof of extraterrestrial life related to unidentified objects. With respect to the sighting over the Middle East, the team at NASA shared that while 50 to 100 sightings are recorded each month, merely 2 to 3% of them can be considered ‘anomalous’ or strange.

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This Meeting Was Essential For the Study Of UAP

During the public meeting, NASA also answered questions from the audience on Twitter. Putting forth an interesting one, one user questioned why scientists put a fancy spin on the term UFO. Why do they prefer referring to it as ‘Unidentified Anomalous’? In response, NASA clarified that UAPs can encompass anything in the sky, water, or space, making it a broader term. Unidentified anomalous phenomena is a more inclusive term. Hence, is preferred by scientists.

One of the major purposes of this meeting was to pay tribute to Sam Sato, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. The meeting recognised his essential contribution to the study and analysis of UAP. The meeting also credited the study team for all their efforts and commitment to the study.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva