These Are The Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations In The World For 2022

popular honeymoon destinations
by Ishita Agarwal

The epidemic has altered more than just our wedding preferences. It also seemed to have changed how we had envisioned our honeymoon. According to a recent Expedia poll, more than half (53% ) of newlyweds want to spend more on their honeymoon than they had initially planned. Even more people (59%) said they are now considering travelling to a place on their bucket list. So, let’s check out these popular honeymoon destinations in the world in 2022. 

The UK Is Leading The List of Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations In The World

To determine the locations of most post-nuptial travel this year, the business surveyed 1,500 couples. Couples are enjoying a more extensive and superior honeymoon experience.

And the UK comes in first place for Popular Honeymoon Destinations In The World in 2022! That’s correct. Despite the mayhem at the airports, the UK is really a rather lovely country. The most popular honeymoon among those questioned was a multi-city journey that included rail travel through many English and Scottish towns and cities.

Dubai came in second on Expedia’s list, partly due to its combination of metropolitan luxury with sun, sea, and sand, with Paris, the traditional city of romance, coming in third. 



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Top 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations In The World

Below are the top 10 honeymoon locations and short descriptions of the honeymoons that couples are planning there. 

  • Multiple cities by train, UK
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Paris, France
  • Florida, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Madrid to Seville, Spain
  • Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • St Lucia
  • Iceland
  • Maldives 



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Start putting together a fantasy honeymoon itinerary that includes romantic getaways, hotels, and activities for two. 

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