These Are Vidya Balan’s Favourite Food Choices

Vidya Balan is a massive foodie and gorged on pizza, fries, popcorn and more with us.

by Ankita Mazumdar
These Are Vidya Balan’s Favourite Food Choices

Vidya Balan is the bubbliest of bubbly actors. Owing to her elegant and gorgeous sarees, hearty laughter and flawless acting skills, she is a favourite of many. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, we met with her to discuss her travel experiences, food choices, her film journey and more. Watch the entire video linked below to learn more about her life.

Vidya Balan Shared Her Favourite Food Choices Over This Game

Since the beginning of this episode, it was evident that Vidya is a massive foodie and doesn’t shy away from eating her heart out. Honestly, same pinch Vidya! So we played a fun game with her called ‘This or That’. She was given food choices by our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani and had to choose her favourites out of the two food items. 

Kamiya started by asking whether she liked filter coffee or tea and Vidya went with filter coffee without hesitating. The next round was quite difficult for her because it was between Sambar and Cholar Dal. She ultimately chose cholar dal, a Bengali delicacy. Then, she was given a choice between dosa or luchi, she happily went with dosa. 

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We had a lot more options in store for her, so next was Payasam or Bengali Payesh. For this, Vidya chose payasam because it is lighter on the stomach. Next, we asked her, gulab jamun or roshogulla. Guess which one she picked?

If you are a true Balan fan you should know. She replied with such love in her eyes, “ROSHOGULLA.” Raise your hand if you, too, have a soft corner for this Bengali sweet.

She Loves Mumbai Street Food

Vidya Balan
Image Credits: Internal

Further, on the topic of food, we discovered another list of food items that Vidya Balan loves. She told us that she loves to gorge on samosa pav, ragda pattice, bhelpuri, moong daal bhajiya, sev puri, and dahi batata puri. She relishes these food items from her go-to Chembur street food places. She is a true Mumbaikar and represents Chembur with pride.

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If you want to know where all she eats in Chembur, then head over to watch the entire video.

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