Vidya Balan Talks About How She Almost Became A New Face Of Malayalam Movies

Vidya Balan’s first Malayalam film was shot but never released.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Vidya Balan Talks About How She Almost Became A New Face Of Malayalam Movies

Last week, Vidya Balan posted a reel on her Instagram where she paid an ode to the Malayalam film industry. She regards the industry so much because she was supposed to start her acting career in it. Alas, the universe had other plans and Bollywood happened. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, she joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Today, we are delving into how she almost became the new face in the Malayalam film industry.

Vidya Balan Told Us That She Was Almost The New Face Of Malayalam Movies

Vidya Balan shared with us that she was pursuing her Master’s degree and going for advertisement shoots simultaneously. She explained that she went to Tamil Nadu for an advertisement shot, where she was asked to be the new face for an upcoming Malayalam film. She was extremely elated upon hearing this, so much so that she called up her parents.

Vidya Balan told us that her entire family is a massive fan of Mohanlal and they see the film industry and Mohanlal as two separate entities. So her family was also happy and urged her to audition for the new film. She even got the role and shot for it. But it was never released because rumours spread that she was jinxed, so the film wouldn’t work.

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Recently, Vidya Balan posted a reel on her Instagram account where she was seen lip-syncing to a hilarious scene from a Malayalam movie, ‘Mookilla Rajyathu’. She said that for the past two weeks or so, she has watched so many Malayalam movies that through this reel, she is giving an ode to her roots!

Was She Truly Jinxed?

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Vidya Balan was going to be a part of a Malayalam film with the legendary Mohanlal. However, the project was shelved. This was because the film’s director and Mohanlal had a fallout but the blame kind of went on her. It was pointed out that she was cast in this film and she proved to be unlucky for them. Hence, she was termed a jinx and was stuck with these false repercussions for years.

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