These Maharashtrian Snacks Are A Perfect Match With Your Evening Chai

by Sanmita A
These Maharashtrian Snacks Are A Perfect Match With Your Evening Chai

Evenings, especially the rainy ones call for a nice cup of chai, coupled with biscuits, pakodas and sometimes sweet. It is a mandatory ritual among Indians and the Chai has to be paired with a great platter of snacks. Be it when guests arrive or even when you’re sitting at home alone, a varied plate of snacks is always a great idea. Well, that does not mean you stick to the regular snacks always. Some regions across our country have local snacks which are delectable options to satisfy your cravings. One of them is Maharashtrian snacks. Take a look –

1. Poha – Pair This Snack With Chai For Your Breakfast Or Any Time Of The Day

Maharashtrian’s go-to snack, Poha is made of puffed rice with ingredients like curry leaves, peanuts, chilli etc. The combination is then roasted in oil, making it a great breakfast option too. And, it goes without saying that it tastes heavenly with Chai.


2. Bhakarwadi – Sweet & Spicy Snack That Originated In Gujarat, But Loved In Maha

This is a famous snack Punekars especially love. It is made of besan and has delicious fillings that go perfectly with Chai. They are the most appropriate snacks for binge eating while you’re watching something!

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3. Kothimbir Vadi – Fritters You Can’t Stop Munching

The Kothimbir Vadi is the easiest and made of that one thing found in every Indian kitchen – Coriander/Dhania. It has the usual gram flour, sesame seeds dhania which are then deep-fried. Crispy snacks and Chai are a match made in heaven. Try it out & let us know!

Check out a recipe here.

4. Batata Vada – Most Loved Combo Of Mumbaikars With Chai

This snack, the batata vada is a favourite among the Maharashtrians. It is of mashed potatoes – our most preferred snack veggie with gram flour, and of course deep-fried. These taste best when served with chutney and a great cup of kadak chai. This snack is common in the street food hubs of Maharashtra as well as in households.

Image Courtesy – Flickr

5. Sabudana Vada – The Humble Evening Snack

This snack does not require any additional efforts, and you can prepare this easily at home with tapioca pearls, commonly known as sabudana. We guarantee that these vadas will vanish quickly and of the classics in Maharashtrian snacks. Try these snacks with a cup of chai for a great experience.

Check out a recipe here.

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