These Sisters Run Street Food Stall In Delhi To Support Family; Dream Of Opening Restaurant

by Sanjana Shenoy
These Sisters Run Street Food Stall In Delhi To Support Family; Dream Of Opening Restaurant

There are times when food doesn’t just satisfy our bellies but touch our hearts and souls. Food cooked with love, compassion and with a need to serve others with the best intentions in mind, often have divine power. Do Behno ka Sapna Fast Food ( Two Sisters’ Dream) a street food stall run by two sisters in Delhi has this power. Owned and run by sisters Kakuli and Poornima, this street food stall in Malviya Nagar nourishes you with home-cooked food. Here’s why you need to visit this stall asap.

Delhi Sisters Opened Street Food Stall After Losing Jobs Due To Covid-19

Sisters Kakuli and Poornima worked in a restaurant before the Covid-19 pandemic. The unfortunate pandemic-induced lockdown resulted in them losing their jobs. With grit and determination, the sisters decided to not get bogged down by the dreary situation. In order to support their family, Kakuli and Poornima opened their own street food stall named Do Behno ka Sapna Fast Food near Panchsheel Park metro station in New Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

sisters open street food stall in delhi
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They Serve Delicious & Healthy Home-Cooked Food

The sisters wanted to feed people healthy, tasty and hygienic home-cooked meals while making ends meet. While they started their food venture with a humble street food stall, the sisters, dream of opening their own restaurant one day. Kakuli and Poornima work tirelessly, sourcing fresh ingredients from farms, preparing chutneys and condiments and home and prepping for the day. Their street food stall witnesses crowds of people seeking fresh home-cooked food that not just taste but also remind them of home.


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The Sisters Dream Of Opening Their Own Restaurant

At Do Behno ka Sapna Fast Food, you’d get served fluffy idlis, flavoursome masala dosa, butter gobi and aloo parathas for breakfast. For lunch, gorge on a wholesome thali of dal, roti, rice, matar paneer and chole or rajma curry. Kakuli and Poornima also prepare delicious non-vegetarian dishes like chicken curry, fish and egg preparation on all days except on Tuesdays. Despite the pandemic taking away their jobs, the sisters let their determination speak for themselves and have become entrepreneurs. Kakuli and Poornima wish to inspire every woman to never give up on her dreams.

Address:  Do Behno Ka Sapna fast Food, Panchsheel Park metro station, gate no.1, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017
Timings: 9 am to 8 pm