Bihar Sisters Use All Their Savings To Cook & Deliver Free Food To Covid Patients

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bihar Sisters Use All Their Savings To Cook & Deliver Free Food To Covid Patients

When sisters, Anupama Singh and Neelima Singh from Bihar witnessed a family member testing Covid positive, they gained deeper insight into the troubles faced by patients. 32-year-old Anupama and 26-year-old Neelima realised that Covid positive patients in isolation find it difficult to get meals while staying in self isolation. That’s when the two sisters along with their mother Kundan Devi used all their savings to deliver free food to Covid positive patients in the city. Anupama and Kundan cook meals and ensure Covid safe packaging. Neelima rides across the city and delivers them to the doorstep of infected patients. Here’s their journey.

Anupama Singh & Neelima Singh Deliver Free Food To Covid Patients In Bihar

Kundan Devi and Neelima prepare homely meals at their abode in  Rajendranagar, Bihar. Neelima, a UPSC aspirant, leaving her two-month-old baby at the care of her sister, rides 15km across the city daily to deliver the food. Revealing her inspiration behind cooking and delivering food for covid patients, Anupama stated to The New Indian Express, “Recently, a member of my family tested positive for the virus. We realised how it is difficult for virus-infected people to get meals while living in self-isolation. Hence, we started serving free food packets to the homes of coronavirus-infected patients living in self-isolation as a service to humanity at our own cost.”

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bihar sisters cook food
Picture Credits: The New Indian Express

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The Sisters Used All Their Savings To Help People In Need

A former employee of Action Aid, Anupama has a double MA in History and Women Studies. Her sister, Neelima is a postgraduate in Economics, MBA and MSW. The sisters used up all their savings to continue serving free food to covid patients. Anupama stated to The New Indian Express, “We have dedicated all our savings, which were kept for marriage, anniversaries, birthday functions, purchasing clothes and doing other household work for the next one year, to continue serving free foods to the covid-19 patients.”

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bihar sisters cook food
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They Inspire Others Through Their Story To Help Covid Patients

The duo and the mother have been delivering freshly prepared meals to covid patients for one week. Neelima believes that serving people in distress is equal to serving humanity. And thus in turn is equivalent to worshipping God. The 26-year-old revealed that some friends helped the family to deliver food packets. But most of the time they prefer to stay safe at their home.  Despite being offered contributions, Anupama Singh and Neelima Singh refuse to accept them. They rather inform people to help covid positive patients living near them. This story is indeed inspiring. On those lines, here’s a tale of a Mumbai staff nurse who tested positive for Covid.