Gujarat Man’s Offer To Deliver Free Food To The Doorstep Of COVID Patients Goes Viral

by Tania Tarafdar 1760

The coronavirus has brought life to a complete standstill. The second wave seems to be even deadlier than the first one. Amid rising COVID cases and deaths, Samaritans have stepped up to offer help in whatever way they can. A Twitter user put up a post offering to deliver hygienic meals to those who have tested positive at their doorstep, free of cost.

A Vadodara Man Offered To Help COVID+ Patients With Food

The user named Shubhal Shah from Vadodara in Gujarat has offered to help locals who will reach out to him through DM on Twitter upon which he would provide with healthy and hygienic home-cooked food. He wrote on Twitter. “#Vadodara We are here with you in this Covid crisis.” He added “If your family is suffering from Covid-19, we will deliver hygienic lunch and dinner at your doorstep, free of cost for the entire quarantine period. We are not into any name, publicity, or photographs.”

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His Tweet Received A Lot Of Response

Mr. Shah’s tweet soon received lots and a lot of NGOs also replied saying that they wished to join hands to provide food for those in need. Mr. Shah’s tweet also received a lot of praise for his selfless service to help out those in dire need. In another news, India’s Superhero Sonu Sood To Set Up Houses For Elderly People Mistreated In Indore.

This nobleman is inspiring us all to stand up in support of those who are in need.