India’s Superhero Sonu Sood To Set Up Houses For Elderly People Mistreated In Indore

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 1005

Actor Sonu Sood has proved it time and again that he is the real hero. He’s worked selflessly to help the poor and the needy. But it seems like the actor has made it his life’s mission to work for society. Recently, a video of mistreated older adults went viral on social media, and Sonu Sood was the first to offer help. He is now working towards building residential accommodation for the group of older adults.

Photo Credits: Instagram/Sonu Sood

Elderly People Were Dumped In The Outskirts Of Indore

The disheartening video showed a group of older adults being mistreated by Indore Municipal Corporation employees. They were packed in a bus and dumped in the outskirts of Indore. The video created a rage on social media, and netizens strongly reacted to the atrocities committed on the elderly. Netizens took to their networking accounts and expressed their discontentment.

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Sonu Sood Urged Everyone To Provide A Safe Roof For The Elderly

The actor shared a video message and urged everyone residing in Indore to join him in providing a safe space for the old. He said, “I had come across this news where the elderly were ostracised Indore and dumped in the outskirts. I want to urge my brothers and sisters from Indore to work towards providing a roof over their heads. I want to give them their rights back. I would also like to distribute food and drinking water to them. All this won’t be easy to achieve without your help.”

He further added “This should be a lesson to all the children out there who have left their aged parents. They should hold them close and take care of them. Dear Indore citizens, let us come together and set an example so that the elderly are never left to feel lonely and helpless. I will try to give them their rights back. This should be a lesson to all the children out there who have left and ostracised their aged parents. They should hold them close and take care of them.”

The actor has also offered to build houses and arrange for food, water and other essential supplies for the affected elderly. India’s Superhero Sonu Sood Mortgages 8 Juhu Properties To Raise ₹10 Crores For Needy


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