These Six Records Held By The UAE Are Biggest, Tallest & Largest As It Turns 50

by Shrestha Purkayastha
These Six Records Held By The UAE Are Biggest, Tallest & Largest As It Turns 50

The United Arab Emirates, which turned 50 on December 2, 2021, has a love of setting records. Be it the world’s tallest building to the deepest diving pool, UAE doesn’t believe in the impossible and these record-breaking feats prove it.

1. Ain Dubai

The world’s largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai, opened in October 2021. At 250 metres (820 feet) from the ground to the top of its rim, Ain Dubai (“Dubai Eye”) towers above the Bluewaters artificial island. Each of its 48 carriages can hold 40 people, and it takes 38 minutes to complete a full rotation.

Picture Credits: CNBC

2. Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s shining achievement is the needle-shaped Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The 828-metre (2,717-feet) skyscraper, in glistening glass and steel, opened in the downtown area in 2010. Known as Burj Dubai before its inauguration, it was renamed Burj Khalifa in honour of UAE’s President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Picture Credits: Veena World

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3. Dubai Frame

Rising 150 metres from Dubai’s Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame, also known as the ‘world’s largest picture frame’ opened in January 2018. Standing at 150 metres high and 93 metres wide, the structure is made up of 2,000 tonnes of steel and 2,900 metres of laminated glass. It also features more than 15,000 square metres of gold-coloured stainless steel.

Picture Credits: Times Of India

4. Dubai Miracle Garden

The mesmerising Dubai Miracle Garden, which opened in 2013, earned a Guinness World Record for creating the largest floral installation, a life-size model of an Emirates A380 Airbus — complete with moving engine turbines—made out of five million flowers by a crew of over 200. The space creates a whimsical sight for visitors, who are treated to floral structures in an array of bold colours.

Picture Credits: Veena World

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5. Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai added to its list of records in June when it opened the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving. Deep Dive Dubai, an indoor facility for scuba diving, plums 60 metres (196 feet). Divers can explore a mock sunken city, play chess and navigate through caves.

Picture Credits: The Economic Times

6. Ras Al-Khaimah

Dubai’s Ras Al-Khaimah boasts to be the world’s longest zipline. Jebel Jais Flight, which opened in January 2018, spans 2,831.88 metres (9,290 feet). Riders can reach speeds up to 150 kilometres (93 miles) per hour as they zip through the Hajar mountain range.

Picture Credits: TripAdvisor

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