The Dubai Miracle Garden Is Now Open For Visitors

by Lakshmi Menon
The Dubai Miracle Garden Is Now Open For Visitors

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The world’s largest natural flower garden with over 60 million flowers on display clocking in 1.5 million visitors a year is a truly miraculous treat one must not miss while in Dubai.

What Is It?

Located near the Arabian Ranches, Miracle Garden opened its doors to visitors on Valentine’s Day in 2013, bursting with vibrant flowers decorated in intricate patterns. An immersive experience in the middle of a desert, the Miracle Garden showcases over 120 flower varieties including petunias, geraniums, sunflowers, and marigolds. In 2017 the number of flowers increased by 20% in order to enhance the beauty further.

Credits: Dubai Miracle Garden Facebook

The floral structures here are changed every season to ensure that repeat customers experience something different everytime they come here. Flowers are preserved by reusing wastewater through drip irrigation and on a daily basis they use about 200,000 gallons of water. There is a Guinness World Records holder amongst these structures too. The Emirates Airbus 380 holds the record for “biggest flower structure in the world” and quite a delight.

What’s In It? 

Last year’s theme was ‘Sunflower Lovers’, where plenty of sunflowers were beaming in most of the floral installation. Visitors were welcomed by a giant floral turtle with a garden on its back and an alley flanked with sunflowers leading to the park.
Credits: Dubai Miracle Garden Facebook
We can’t wait to see what new is in store to blow our minds. A stroll in this park with the occasional smelling of flowers and posing by them should take around 2 hours after which visitors can rest their feet and refuel themselves with food and beverages at the food court.
 What’s Unique?

A few interactive features like 3D mapping videos on flower screens, floating flower beds, Carribean hammocks etc have been added last season. There is also a 12m high floral teddy bear which is a huge hit among kids. They have newly started live shows at the amphitheater & also have a trampoline park.

Credits: Dubai Miracle Garden Facebook

What Else?

This garden is also a sanctuary to the region’s first indoor butterfly garden, ‘Dubai Butterfly Garden’, which is open year round. Over 15,000 species of butterflies are fluttering inside the 9 custom made domes and walking into their habitat is a thrilling experience. A Butterfly and Insect Museum is present too which sheds light on facts and intriguing information on different species.

Credits: Dubai Miracle Garden Facebook

A new phase is set to begin this summer with “edible plants dome” that will allow people to pick their own fruit.

The gardens remain closed during summers due to the high temperature which is not conducive for the maintenance of flowers and neither is it for flower gazing.


Ticket price: AED 50 for adults | AED 40 for children aged 12 years and below | Free for toddlers aged two years and below & Disabled
ates of operation: 1st November 2018
Timings: Sunday – Thursday 9 am to 9 pm; Friday – Saturday 9 am to 11 pm