Things You Need To Have To Embark On The Ultimate Travel Journey!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Things You Need To Have To Embark On The Ultimate Travel Journey!

Vacations are something that we all look forward to, especially given the kind of stressful life that we lead. Spending time with your friends and loved ones on a beach or a mountain, gifts us the little moments of joy that we can cherish forever. And to make sure that you don’t have to spend much time on planning that perfect travel, we are here to share some tips with you. So, here are 7 things that you need to have with you when embarking on the ultimate travel journey!

1. Rolling Luggage

Make it roll or make it disappear. We’re just going to say it, rolling is way better than carrying. Weight is barely an issue any more with leading styles and ingenious designing. Backpacks are great for backpacking, but wheels sure help when going uphill. We already have the new four-wheeler luggage and after fair comparisons we have to say, we love the way they twist and turn effortlessly.

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2. A Fully Loaded Smartphone

Digital cameras are passé and DSLRs are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, what do you do to click those amazing travel pics that shine in the family whatsapp groups or make sure your social profile is totally LIT.  The Samsung Galaxy A51 comes to your rescue! With four cameras in one device (yeah, you read that right), the all new Samsung Galaxy A51 is every travel photographer’s go-to-gadget. With the four cameras, a 48MP main camera, a 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, a 5MP Depth Camera and a 5MP Macro Camera; wide shots, low-light shots, macro shots will seem like a child’s play. A starry sky on a camping night, where the only light you have is the flames of the bonfire, the Night Mode in Galaxy A51 will light it up. In fact, capturing the expanse of the valleys with the Ultra Wide Camera just got easier too. Imagine clicking the pollens of a blooming flower in great detail and showing off your professional camera skills. The macro cam on Galaxy A51, lets you do just that. Add to that, 20-hours of video playback & the device will never run out of fuel. And the beautiful Prism crush design and stunning colours, will not only make this phone a head turner, but also enhance your airport look.

3. Travel Wallet

Keep your documents handy’ is travelling tip 101. A travel wallet goes a long way in ensuring that your papers, cards never scatter. Everything is always in one place and you know exactly what to look for and where. A travel wallet will have compartments for your cards, identity proofs, passport, extra passport photos, health insurance papers and even your boarding pass. Go for a bright color so that it’s easy to spot amidst all the luggage and clothing.

The cool part of carrying the Galaxy A51 is that it comes with Samsung pay. This feature allows you to make credit and debit card payments securely and seamlessly at NFC enabled point of sale terminals. Now even if you forget your wallet in your hotel, you need not worry thanks to Samsung pay!

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4. Medical Kit

Make sure that you carry the basics in place. Crocin, Soframycin, some Moov, the simple Saridon for managing those headaches, ORS solutions to stay hydrated and a few band aids are necessary for every trip you take. Ensure that you carry your doctor’s prescription along, as lot of stores, don’t sell medicines without seeing it. Customise your kit according to you travel needs because you might be prone to scratches and sprains on a trek and common cold in a winter wonderland.

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5. Care Kit

Another custom kit, just the way you do it for first aid. Add loads of sunblock, a pair of sunglasses and some bug spray. Another kind of care kit could include your ear plugs, travel journal and a travel pillow. Don’t forget the lip balm and protein bars. A care kit carries whatever you can’t live without.

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6. Foldable Water Bottle

A foldable water bottle is a must have. Store hot water or put it in the freezer, a collapsible water bottle is super handy. You can refill it as you need and then compress it when not in use. It takes less space and is easy to carry. Get in on this one!

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7. Sleeping Bag

If you’re planning to go for an adventure, this is one item you know you should carry. A sleeping bag of your own is the only way to survive long treks or spontaneous camping. People often ask if they really ‘need’ their own sleeping bag and we’ll just say one simple thing. If you want to taste the freedom of owning public space and home being where you are, then yes, you need your own sleeping bag. Rest your head on a rock and that rock becomes home. Sleep free, under the night sky, in your sleeping bag or just go home. These are your options on a trip. Need we say what’s more fun?

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You’re all set with these basic essentials. A phone that never gives up on you, cultivates your skills and keeps you entertained doesn’t leave much else to prepare for. Your next adventure is waiting for you and now you’re all set. The cost benefit analysis says go for it!