This 12th Century Temple In Karnataka Opens Only For A Week Once A Year

by Shreya Rathod
This 12th Century Temple In Karnataka Opens Only For A Week Once A Year

If you look at every ancient Indian temple, it has a story of its own — related to the deities that are situated in those temples or the mythological demons ‘asuras’. Like the ‘jyotirlingas’ or the ‘shakti peethas’. Similarly, this Karnataka temple has a mythological relevance, but that’s not what’s interesting. Every year, the temple opens just for a week. Why? Take a look at the mysterious Hasanamba temple in Karnataka.

Hasanamba Temple In Karnataka

karnataka temple
Credits: Wikimedia

Built in the 12th century, the Hasanamba temple is dedicated to Goddess Amba. Unlike other Indian temples, this one opens for just a week every year. And seeking blessings of the divine from this place is considered special because of this. Also, there is an anthill on the temple premises that represent the presiding deities. The Hoysala dynasty built this temple according to their traditions.

Since the temple is closed for the rest of the year, the Goddesses are left with two bags of rice, lit lamps, water and flowers. The ghee lamp is supposed to burn for the entire period of temple closure.

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Sapthamathruka Story

The story of this temple is quite interesting. Once the seven mathrukas were travelling to earth. They were taken back by the beauty of Hassan and decided to settle there. Chamundi and Varahi chose to dwell near the three wells in Devigere Honda. Kaumari, Vyshnavi and Maheshwari took residence in the three anthills inside the temple whereas Brahmi took shelter in Kenchamma’s Hosakote.

The town of Hassan was later named Hasanamba after the presiding deity at the Hasanamba Temple. Amma Hasanamba is a benevolent deity. However, those who trouble her devotees have to face her wrath. According to local beliefs, Amma Hasanamba had once turned the mother-in-law of one of her devotees into stone. Another story is of a robber who had stolen Amma Hasanamba’s jewels. The goddess had turned him into a stone as well.

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This ancient temple is a popular religious site for devotees. Every year, nearly ten thousand come and visit this place. Comment below if you have ever visited this place.

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