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Shamita Shetty
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Shilpa and Shamita have consistently set the bar high for sisterhood; their social media profiles are living testaments to this. The sibling pair never misses an occasion to show each other love and praise. Shamita Shetty, however, has recently disclosed in the Tere Gully Mein episode how she cried for hours after Shilpa got married. Scroll to learn more about what Shamita Shetty said on her elder sister getting married to Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief.  

Shamita Shetty On Shilpa Shetty’s Marriage

The Sharara fame, Shamita Shetty, shares how she and Shilpa have always been protective of each other. She tells us how Shilpa has always been a typical big sister. We know the duo have always been so close and supportive of each other. When Kamiya shared that her elder sister was getting married, she felt happy that she was going and living her life but told how it was horrible when she moved. 

Speaking of which, the actress tells us how they were living together before she got married and the wave of missing her that came after. Shamita shares, “If you realise, Shilpa has a very hearty laugh. A very loud laugh. That was one thing I would know she was home when I would hear her laughing somewhere. And everything just became so quiet when she left.” The Shetty sister tells us that their rooms had a standard door next to each other. So it wasn’t very nice for her when she left. Shamita Shetty would sit and cry for hours when she left. It took her a lot of use to know her sister had actually moved out.

Childhood Of Shetty Sisters

Shamita Shetty

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When Shilpa came to the industry, Shamita shared how people around her changed. They were suddenly lovely to her. When Kamiya asks if they would fight, she answers, “All the time. We would fight with sticks. I have this cut on my face that is by Shilpa. She got upset, cut me and then I threw things on her too.” Though it was pretty funny to hear about this banter, she tells us how they would make up after and continue to stand by each other!

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