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Tejasswi Prakash
by Ananya Singh 185

One of the biggest names in the Indian entertainment industry is Tejasswi Prakash. She is a household name post shows like Swaragini and Bigg Boss 15. Tejasswi’s stay at the Bigg Boss House showed her fans a different side of her and her friends know a different side of her. With so many personality traits, Tejasswi has a unique way of describing herself. In conversation with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, in the Tere Gully Mein’s episode, Tejasswi called herself pani puri. Why? Read to learn more!

Tejasswi Prakash Calls Herself A Pani Puri

Kamiya Jani and Tejasswi played a fun game. The game was about how Kamiya will take the name of a food item, and Tejasswi would answer which person in her life resonates with that food item. When asked who pani puri is in her life, she exclaims, “That’s me because I am like sweet and khatti and teekhi. And I have like all the flavours possible.”

Tejasswi and Kamiya were seen enjoying Bachelorr’s strawberry cream and chilli ice cream. After trying the green chilli ice cream, she went berserk and says,” Oh, Dude. You have to have it. You’re going to flip. This is so good. After the first bite, I was like isme green chilli kya hai ye toh malai jaisa lag raha hai.” But she insists Kamiya to go for it and enjoy how good it is.

Fun Game With The Actress

tejasswi prakash

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The game starts with Kamiya asking who vada pav is in her life. Tejasswi Prakash answers it’s her brother because he is the vada and she and her mom are the pavs. Tejasswi’s best friend, Jagjeet Singh Kohli, is the butter chicken in her life as he is always there for her at any point in the day. 

She feels her father is pav bhaji. Well, she tells us, “Because me and my mumma pareshan him so much. It’s like kuchloing him.”

During the segment, of course her beau’s name came up! Karan Kundrra, her boyfriend, is Daal Chawal. It is because Karan can have daal chawal every day for every meal. Even his idea of late-night craving is daal chawal with achaar. Interesting, right?

It was a really fun episode and Kamiya and Tejasswi so about so many things. To know more about Tejasswi’s experience in the entertainment industry and Bigg Boss House, watch the video above!

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