This 200-Year-Old Mumbai Eatery Offers The Best Halwas And Laddoos In Town

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This 200-Year-Old Mumbai Eatery Offers The Best Halwas And Laddoos In Town

Every Mumbaikar once in his life has surely had Mahim’s Halwa and Laddoo, after all the place is known for it. As early as 1800, Jetha Joshi came to Bombay from Gujarat to start his own business.  As soon as Joshi Budhakaka Mahim Halvawala opened his shop, the Bombaywalas fell in love with him and his offerings. Among them were boondhi laddoos, mohanthal, halwa, and quick bites.

The Mahim Halwa

Joshi opened his second shop in Dadar, years after he opened his first in Mahim. And today after more than 200 years, its popularity has decreased. The place is even today famous for its delicious Mahim Halwa. Halwa is a dessert made of thin layers of sweet dough joined together by greaseproof paper and pressed into compact squares. After 200 years everything around the shop has changed but two things did not- the recipe of Halwa and people’s love for it. 

Independence Of India Was Celebrated With This Sweet

When India became independent, the shop was 164 years old. India’s first Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru ordered sweets from this shop to celebrate Independence. The quality of the sweets has been consistent even as now the 8th generation is running the shop. The laddoos made here are simply mouth melting and yummy. They have over 200 types of sweets and apart from them, their vadas, gathias and samosas are too famous. 

Old Bombay’s Charm

Delicious Halwa, Laddoos and this shop all together are old Bombay’s charm which you must try. They also serve a Parsi sweet which is made out of mawa and is in the shape of a fish, known as Mawa Ni Macchali. Mahim Halva sells anywhere from Rs 400 to Rs 1,200 per kg. At peak hours, you might not even be able to try this tasty treat as it takes about two days to make.

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