This 3-Ingredient Kiwi Jam Recipe Makes Your Summer More Yummy!

by Shreya Rathod
This 3-Ingredient Kiwi Jam Recipe Makes Your Summer More Yummy!

Jam and bread was the staple school lunch box meal that we enjoyed. We loved eating different types of jams like pineapple, apple, strawberry, mixed fruit and more. The kitchen pantry was filled with these jam bottles, and we couldn’t get enough of it! Well, this summer, you can add another jam to your pantry. An Instagram user shared an easy Kiwi jam recipe that you can try!

Kiwi Jam Recipe To Try This Summer


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The Instagram user, foodie_hmm, shared a delicious and simple recipe for kiwi jam. According to the video, start by taking three to four kiwis and peel them, then chop them into little pieces. Heat a pan and add these cut pieces to it with sugar. Mix it and let it cook for a few minutes till the sugar melts and you get a semi-liquid consistency. Lastly, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to balance the sweetness. Cook it for a few minutes and your Kiwi jam is ready! Making this recipe is a great way to include fruit in your diet.

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Why Should You Eat Kiwi?

kiwi jam recipe
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According to some reports, kiwis can prevent blood clotting and assist control blood pressure. It helps with digestion because it has a good level of dietary fibre. Kiwi fruit also has an enzyme called actinic. It can efficiently break down proteins in the intestine in addition to its fibre content. They contain a lot of water, have few calories, and have a lot of fibre. They are therefore perfect as a snack or as a breakfast smoothie ingredient.

Kiwi has also been proven to reduce arthritis-related inflammation and stop it from causing other illnesses like heart disease and stroke. Your skin’s structure can be supported and kept moisturised and healthy by eating kiwis. Due to the presence of zeaxanthin and lutein in kiwis, macular degeneration and eventually vision loss can be avoided.

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So, make your summer more yummy with this delicious and fruity kiwi jam. Comment below and share your favourite summer recipes with us! Also, if you try making this recipe, please comment below and tell us whether you liked it or not!

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