This 65-Year-Old Delhi Mompreneur Earns ₹1.5 Lakhs Per Month Selling Pickle Globally!

Mother's day
by Mallika Khurana

Every mother is nothing short of a wonder woman. They all might have different personalities, but their sweet souls are quite alike. Showering us with unconditional love, our happiness remains their prime focus in life. Truly, a mother’s love is incomparable! On this Mother’s Day special episode of Stories From Bharat, we met one such mom-turned-entrepreneur from Delhi who turned her passion for making achaar into a great business. Watch the full episode to learn all about her journey!

Pickles & More Is Run By A Mompreneur

With her own brand by the name of Pickles & More, Suman offers the world 60 varied pickles. In addition, she also sells freshly ground spices, chutneys, and jams. Without any preservatives or chemicals, she is on her way to putting tangy achaar on our dining tables.

Not just that, she even provides people with customised pickles as per their requirements. If you want your pickles made in olive oil, mustard oil, or sesame oil, she will especially make them for you. Taking inspiration from traditional pickle recipes from Himachal Pradesh, she even brings her own variations. Recently, she introduced tea leaves and aloe vera pickles. Doesn’t it sound yummy, already?

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Suman Is On An Inspiring Journey

Pickles & More

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After years of practice, she can now make 1kg of pickles in a mere 10 minutes. That is an exceptional talent! With help and support from her husband and two daughters, it has been 15 years since she turned her craft into a commercial success. The prices for her pickles start at ₹120 and go up to ₹700 per bottle. Even after such nominal prices, her average revenue reaches around ₹1.5L every month.

Suman is evidently a big inspiration to her daughters, who supported their mother’s dreams as she did for them always. Her relentless effort towards expanding her business is truly amazing. She doesn’t believe in the concept of leaving work because of one’s age. According to her, hard work doesn’t have an age limit, and she would like to stay on this sweet and sour journey of selling Pickles & More until she can.

Her inspiring story is really impactful and proves that mothers are capable of everything they wish to do. And this Mother’s Day, we wish to celebrate them all!

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