Hyderabad Folks, Fill Your Summer Evenings With Good Vibes & Great Bites At Vibeyard!

Vibeyard Bistro
by Mallika Khurana

A nice place to eat out and enjoy with your pals, what more could you ask for to make a day perfect? Well, Vibeyard Bistro in Hyderabad offers just that and more. The food of Hyderabad has always been popular for being delicious, and this restaurant has vowed to take that reputation to the next level.

Vineyard Bistro Has An Inciting European Theme


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In a huge setting, this restaurant is covered in greens all over, showcasing positive vibes all around. With a European vibe throughout the space, the metal details at this restaurant give the interior a chic touch. The outdoor seating is quite fascinating as well. When the weather is pleasant, you must choose their outdoor dining hall and enjoy the shade of the surrounding mango trees.

Vibeyard Bistro also has a tiny fish pond to add to the beauty. Every detail about this bungalow-turned-bistro will offer you a cosy and intimate feel. From the aesthetically pleasing seating to the lush details outdoors, everything comes together to turn this place into a charming spot for you and your loved ones.

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Savour Truffled Scrambled Eggs, A Mushroom And Brie Sandwich, And More!


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This beautiful restaurant is not only fit for date nights but also for breakfasts and brunches. Come on in with your family and relish some delectables like Egg Florentine, Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Avocado Bagels, and Peanut Butter Bananas from their breakfast menu. You can also enjoy their amazing sandwiches like the Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich, Smash Avocado and Baby Burrata Sandwich, and Classic BLT Sandwich.

From their selection of appetisers, their Jalapeno Fried Prawns, Lamb Cheese Balls, and Quiche are simply must-tries. Their menu also had wood-fired pizzas that every pizza lover should try once. From burgers, pasta, and salads to risotto and lasagna, everything on their menu is delicious and worth trying. To curb a big appetite, choose their Ratatouille with Polenta Cake or Roasted Chicken.

So, go ahead and plan a pleasant evening with your gang at Vibeyard Bistro!

Where: Film Nagar, Hyderabad
When: 10 am – 10 pm
Cost: ₹1,800 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Vibeyard Bistro