This AI-Generated Goth McDonald’s Is Giving Us Wednesday, Addams Family Vibe & We’re Lovin’ It

by Tooba Shaikh
This AI-Generated Goth McDonald’s Is Giving Us Wednesday, Addams Family Vibe & We’re Lovin’ It

AI-generated images have been all the rage recently. Many people feed creative prompts into AI bots which then produce marvellous-looking images. From different wonders of the world reimagined as inflatable balloons to a plethora of Barbie-themed items, there is no dearth of impressive AI-generated content. The latest in the line of such impressive AI-generated content is a Goth McDonald’s outlet reimagined. It’s giving Wednesday Addams vibe and we’re loving it!

AI-Generated Goth McDonald’s Is Here


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Since AI-generated content has piqued people’s interest, there have been several creative AI-generated images that have gone viral on social media and the latest in this trend is here. The images were generated on a prompt given by Christopher Flores and were shared on Instagram by AI NeoArt.

The photos reimagined the world’s most famous fast-food chain as if it were redecorated with a Goth aesthetic. The photos reveal dark and spiky and spooky interiors replete with food matching the theme. The fries are ominously squirted with ketchup which makes it look like blood.

Even the burgers have black buns! The wait staff is also reimagined as wearing goth outfits in a black McDonald’s apron. The outlet building, too, looks like an ancient haunted house which is painted all-black. 

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Netizens Have Hilarious Reactions

AI-generated goth McDonald's
Image Credits: @aineoart/Instagram

The post was shared on the popular social media platform a few hours ago and already, it has attracted a substantial amount of attention. Many people are flocking to the comment section full of admiration. Many even have hilarious quips to share.

Some commented on how the the aesthetic matches that of a popular fictitious character, Wednesday Addams from the iconic Addams Family TV show. There was a recent spin-off called Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega based on the titular character.

One comment even had the order to place: “One unhappy meal please!” McDonald’s, if you’re reading this, we want you to make it happen STAT! So far, the post has more than seven thousand likes and the count only keeps increasing!

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Would you want a real-life goth McDonald’s? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @aineoart/Instagram