Chef Vikas Khanna Shares AI Image Of Mona Lisa Enjoying Indian Food; Netizens Want Jalebi & Naan

by Shreya Ghosh
Chef Vikas Khanna Shares AI Image Of Mona Lisa Enjoying Indian Food; Netizens Want Jalebi & Naan

There is no denying that the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is dominant at the present moment. Be it to source information in just a few seconds or to play and enhance creativity, everyone is using AI every day for several reasons. Not just artists, even Chef Vikas Khanna brushed up his artistic skills recently and made a beautiful AI-curated image of the world-famous Mona Lisa. Well, it is not exactly like the classic art of Leonardo Da Vinci. Vikas Khanna’s interpretation of Mona Lisa comes with some Indian touches and it is looking absolutely brilliant!

Chef Vikas Khanna Used AI To Make This Image Of Mona Lisa With Some Indianness

The MasterChef India judge shared this picture on his official Twitter account and we love how he has beautifully added so many Indian elements to the picture. Though Mona Lisa has been painted by an Italian artist, the Indian chef has perfectly added details and intricacies that represent India’s food culture.

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From the beautiful outfit worn by Mona Lisa to the chair with opulent designs to the table filled with a huge food spread, the picture looks simply incredible. Wondering what are the names of the dishes that the chef added to this AI image? Well, we can spot some tea, biryani, a paneer dish, pork sausages, and more.

Netizens Are Impressed With The Chef’s Skills

We are surely mesmerised by now Vikas Khanna has made this AI image of the Mona Lisa showing the perfect touches of our country with the table decorated with loads of Indian delicacies. Twitterati is also loving this AI image. Some Twitter users pointed out how famous Indian food items such as jalebi, pani puri, and samosa are missing in this picture.

Let’s check out some reactions of Twitterati on this AI image!

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The chef is a powerhouse of talent. From being one of the best in the cooking world to being a filmmaker, restaurateur, writer, and more; this picture perfectly shows how he excels in using AI as well.

Have you tried your hands at using AI applications? If yes, how was your experience?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Vikas Khanna (@TheVikasKhanna)