This Airbnb Lets You Stay Inside A Cage With Zero Amenities

    Are you up for an adventurous holiday? Well, we aren’t referring to any adventure activities, but we’ve found a super quirky stay option in Sydney that will let you experience what its like to stay in jail. Located in the by-lanes of King’s Park, a woman named Liz, is renting out her basement for travelers who are up to live like a criminal. The place seriously looks like a dog shelter, with almost no amenities.

    What’s It?

    The specially-designed BDSM cage is priced at $150 per night, for no amenities (if we may say so). The cage is equipped with a blanket, a bottle of water and another empty water bottle for nature calls. Well, if you’re picky about toilets, you definitely know this one’s not for you! The listing also mentions wireless internet and smoke detector, but we really wouldn’t want to set expectations.


    There are no beds, couches, sofas or even chairs! That said, the property is no suitable for infants or children. Liz, the property’s owner said: β€œThe ones who have stayed via my website are already making plans to come back.” She also added that one particular guest stayed in the cage for 17 hours.

    The cage is monitored by a camera and guests are also given a walkie talkie through which Liz stays in touch. The owner also added that the cage is a form of stress-relief for people who come there.

    Would you dare to spend a night here?

    Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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