This Airline Told Crew What Colour Bras To Wear Under New Uniforms; More Weird Airlines Rules Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Airline Told Crew What Colour Bras To Wear Under New Uniforms; More Weird Airlines Rules Inside

If you think only passengers have to abide by the given rules of an airline, you are wrong. Some airlines have the most weird, offending, and strange rules for their cabin crew members. Yes, the recent one will actually shock you. British Airways is under fire after reports surfaced that female staff members were instructed to wear see-through white bras and undergarments underneath their uniforms.

Airline Told Crew What Colour Bra To Wear

Credits: @britishairways/Website

The original instruction from airline management stated that undergarments should be plain white or nude, without any lace, designs, or lettering, as The Sun first reported.

Crew members vowed to organize a walkout if the regulation wasn’t changed, telling the publication they were humiliated by the “multiple questions” they received from passengers regarding their visible undergarments.

The new uniforms, designed by renowned English fashion designer Ozwald Boateng, were unveiled in January following 20 years without any changes. Employees began wearing the uniform in September, and female crew members are required to wear a semi-transparent blouse.

Following opposition from the union, British Airways acknowledged to The Independent that they had withdrawn the undergarment guidelines.

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Hazardous Chemicals on Garments

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This is not the first airline in the UK to receive criticism from staff members over new uniforms. Four American Airlines workers received more than $1 million in compensation last month after a jury discovered that the hazardous chemicals in their uniforms caused health issues like rashes, swelling, and breathing difficulties.

Even though Singapore Airlines is frequently praised for being one of the greatest places in the world to work, they nonetheless demand that their flight attendants keep a trim figure after their maternity leave.

Back in 2015, Qatar Airways made headlines when it revealed the following lengthy list of prerequisites for its flight attendants during one of its recruitment drives:

The only qualification for hiring female flight attendants is being single. After they begin working, they have to be single for five years. They must obtain permission from the airline if they wish to get married. Being pregnant is a contract violation that can result in dismissal.

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More Weird Airlines Rules

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For many years, Spring Airlines, a low-cost Chinese airline, exclusively used youthful, attractive air hostesses. That was true until they ran an online survey and discovered that a significant portion of their clientele actually wanted flight attendants with more expertise.

The airline has chosen to aggressively seek out older ladies, positioning itself as more “maternal.” Only married mothers between the ages of 25 and 45 were eligible to apply. To reach a broader travel population, they even go so far as to advertise their “flight aunties” on social media.

Emirates, the “Fly Better” champion, is among the most extreme examples. Every month, Emirates flight attendants undergo weight testing, and if it is discovered that they have put on any weight, they are assigned to a rigorous exercise and diet regimen. Officially known as airline grooming officers, Emirates refers to the weight checks as weight police.

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