This Bangalore Restaurant Makes Pani Puri Ice Cream And We’re Surprised

by Suchismita Pal
This Bangalore Restaurant Makes Pani Puri Ice Cream And We’re Surprised

A bite of crispy pani puri loaded with tangy water, potato and chole is pure bliss. But have you ever come across a pani puri with ice cream inside it, or even, the other way round? A delivery-only ice-cream parlour in Bangalore named Dock Frost’d serves a unique pani puri ice cream and we are not kidding. Food blogger Anjali Dhingra had shared a video, where she is seen unwrapping a parcel of this ice cream. The video already went viral on the internet and grabbed over 11.8K likes.


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Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About The Ice Cream

In the video, Anjali first takes out a blue-coloured ice cream cup inside which she finds a pani puri lying on the ice cream. After tasting the cold dessert, she says, “It tastes like khatti aur imli ka ice cream. Its not that bad.” And there was more ice cream stuffed inside the pani puri. Commenting on the video, one user wrote, “This seems so unique and weird at the same time.” Another stated, “Sab pani puri ka naam kharab kr rhe hai.” From the comments, it is clear that netizens have mixed feelings about the frozen treat.

Pani Puri Ice Cream
Picture Credits: Zomato/Dock Frost’d

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The Pani Puri Ice Cream Comes For ₹195

The pani puri ice cream at Dock Frost’d is priced at ₹195. Other unique ice cream varieties to be tried out from this outlet include Paan Mahal Ice Cream, Katleaam Ice Cream, Kaju Jaggery Ice Cream, Aamberry Ice Cream, Loving Lychee Ice Cream, Kala Jamun Ice Cream and Kiwi Ice Cream, among others. While these desserts are Indianised, one can also order classic ice cream flavours like chocolava, black current, caramel crunch, vanilla and butterscotch from the outlet.