This Bangalore Restaurant Serves Authentic Tibetan Food Starting From Just ₹50

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Bangalore Restaurant Serves Authentic Tibetan Food Starting From Just ₹50

If you’re ever broke and on the hunt for a pocket-friendly eatery- ask a college student. Every Christ University and Jyoti Nivas College student’s secret hideout, Tenzin Kitchen is one of the best budget-friendly eateries in Bangalore. Nestled right opposite Forum Mall in Koramangala 7th Block, it still sits hidden from plain sight. Perhaps the swanky lights of other eateries help it to still remain a secret from the ordinary city dweller. Nevertheless, we’re here to let you in on it.

Tenzin Kitchen- Every College Student’s Best Kept Secret

As a college student studying at Christ University, I’ve had plenty of pleasant memories in Tenzin Kitchen. A few years back it had a rustic wooden shack-like ambience. Almost transporting you to a humble mountain cottage in the Himalayan region. The Tibetan restaurant has now undergone a vibrant makeover. Fresh bright yellow paint adorns the walls, and Tibetan artwork and photographs hung on the walls accentuate the ambience.

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tenzin kitchen bangalore
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Humble Tibetan Eatery That Serves Dishes Starting From Just ₹50

When you visit Tenzin Kitchen, be prepared to wait for a wee bit. It’s a small eatery with less than ten tables. However, the quick service ensures you wouldn’t have to wait long. The expansive menu while celebrating Tibetan cuisine also serves Indo-Chinese, Japanese and even Bhutanese delicacies. Tenzin Kitchen is truly a heaven for those who’re broke or on a tight budget. Generous portions of soul-nourishing food starting from just ₹50 await you here.

tenzin kitchen bangalore
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Soul-Nourishing Thukpa & Laphing

At Tenzin Kitchen, it’s a no-brainer to order a delicious bowl of thukpa. Here’s a pro-tip. They serve massive portions of thukpa that would suffice two diners. So, we suggest you order one by two portions of thukpa that start from just ₹100. The hand-pulled noodle soup with perfectly balanced spices, soothing flavours and fresh veggies will perfectly compliment Bangalore’s chilly weather. Don’t forget to order authentic Tibetan Laphing costing ₹50. It’s a spicy cold mung bean noodle dish that’s a good cold appetizer. Warning- it’s spicy.


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Now that we’ve let you in on our secret, do visit Tenzin Kitchen to understand what the hype is truly all about. It’s truly a pleasure to leave a restaurant with both your tummies and your wallets happy.