This Cave-Themed Cafe In Al Qana Is Worth Posting On Your Insta-Feed

by Deeplata Garde
This Cave-Themed Cafe In Al Qana Is Worth Posting On Your Insta-Feed

Are you a coffeeholic staying in UAE? Then Abu Dhabi is proving to be the latest paradise for such aficionados. And it doesn’t end on the note of serving the best coffee. But Al Qana neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi is offering the perfect place that would cause a rage on your insta feed. Curious to know which place we are talking about? This secret lies in a cave!

Cave, The New Cafe That Would Amaze You With The Aesthetics & Pours

Al Qana’s latest latte artists are gathered at this aesthetic venue called the Cave. Despite being only a few months old, the venue’s underground surroundings and ingeniously visually appealing menu items have proven to be effective Gram magnets. Sitting beneath Cave’s dancing grey roof, the films that have been making the rounds on social media have piqued our interest.

In the era of cafes becoming more brick and mortar and designed with bright lights or flowers, Cave gives us a raw vibe. The rocky texture, the shades of grey and the uneven structures make it look appealing in a minimalist way. The light brown wooden furniture complements the grey backdrop very well.

The cave is attractive. The asymmetrical rocky outcrops resemble real stone and blend in well with the interior’s overall colour scheme of brown and olive green.

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From Aesthetic Interiors To Scrumptious Food They Have It All


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Iced dark cave latte, Croissant Pudding and Cheesy Egg Croissant won our hearts.

The food is upscale, packed with an authentic European flavour, and decorated with artwork plating. A Spanish omelette, a cheesy brioche, and guacamole and salmon tostadas are all on the breakfast menu. You can also place an order for a round of mocktails and jazzy coffee-based cocktails. Our beverages are delivered with the right amount of Instagram spectacle.

Dark clouds swirl in milk that has been chilled with a gentle pour of charcoal coffee, creating an extremely realistic ASMR. The purple rain comes in that painfully fashionable shape where a foam bubble packed with smoke sits on top of your beverage.

Apart from all these beautiful-looking breakfast bowls and glass, they also serve lunch plates.

Do you think you will linger around for lunch?

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