This Cosy-Cute Cafe In Kolkata Is Where Art Lovers Unite & Is So Instagrammable!

by Shreya Ghosh
This Cosy-Cute Cafe In Kolkata Is Where Art Lovers Unite & Is So Instagrammable!

Kolkata is home to so many stunning cafes in every lane and corner. These cafes are so unique in themselves presenting cosy ambience, aesthetic corners, and some lip-smacking delicacies. One such cafe in Kolkata is ‘Mrs. Wilson Cafe’ and you need to visit here ASAP to experience some beautiful vibes that you have never felt in other cafes. There is a lot in store for you to experience so do not wait anymore!

Mrs. Wilson Cafe Is A Home Away From Home!

Nestled in Jodhpur Park, Mrs. Wilson Cafe is a cute cosy eatery built on the ground floor of a house. Just like the location, the ambience is very homely and it will feel like you are spending some great moments with your loved ones here in the comfort of your home. The seating arrangements are very Instagrammable and comfortable decorated with bright and vibrant colours adding life to this cafe in Kolkata. There are seating areas with small decorated tables, wooden chairs, and cane chairs all around the cafe. And the best part is the picturesque walls designed with lots of plants and fairy lights. The ambience is very warm and perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

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This Cute Cafe In Kolkata Serves Delicious Delicacies!

To bring more enjoyable elements while hanging out at Mrs. Wilson Cafe, gorging on some of their must-have dishes is a must. This cafe in Kolkata is loved by the crowd for serving great food and everything is quite affordable too. Fish Fofos, Chicken Schnitzel, Juicy Chicken Steak, and Oreo Sundae are some of their most favourite on the menu. So no matter if you are a student and have limited pocket money, now you know where you need to visit to spend a great evening with your friends or throw a party and taste amazing food.

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Do Not Forget To Shop In The ‘Art 68’!

Mrs. Wison Cafe hosted a great pop-up exhibition very recently. If you somehow missed it, don’t you worry as they are coming with another pop-up very soon. And this time it is to celebrate the upcoming Durga Puja and the season of festivities. Art 68 is the perfect place to shop for your last-minute pujo shopping.

Cover Image Courtesy: Mrs. Wilson’s Cafe